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  1. The Middle East Addon is actually supported, it just requires the most updated version (2.55a) of the addon.
  2. Very nice guide, Thanks. But as I've never really used blender/SCS modding tools before it's a little bit much work for me for something that's only client side. I did wonder if it would be possible to have a local mod steering wheel that actually visibly turns? Also you could use the "entries" in "bus_job_log" to place the new units in, and that shouldn't mess anything up as that does not seem to be used by the game currently. And that way the email still works.
  3. In TruckersMP the mod manager will be empty and any selected mods from singleplayer will have a red circle next to them because TruckersMP uses it's own mod manager. It will automatically detect and load all ProMods files when you select the ProMods server. Snow mod works in every server and those files need to be placed in 'Documents\ETS2MP\mod' to be used on TruckersMP. If the 'mod' folder doesn't exist you can just create one. Then you can just load your profile and if the game gives you any missing mod warnings you can just click continue and it should load.
  4. AFAIK TruckersMP ignores the '-homedir' launch option, so you will have to place the ProMods files in Documents > Euro Truck Simulator 2 > mod
  5. Seems like something went wrong during the extraction of the model files. Can you check the file sizes of the ProMods files in you mod folder, they should have these sizes: Seems you're not using the me (Middle East) Addon files, you don't need to worry about those because these are optional.
  6. If by linked you mean a symbolic link (mklink /J) then that shouldn't be a problem, I have it setup that way too and it works fine. But you should probably try to removing the link and then actually putting the files in the mod folder back on your ssd to make sure there isn't anything wrong with the link, so we can make sure that isn't the problem.
  7. Middle East Addon v241 IS supported in TMP. Only change needed is removing the ' (3)' from the def file. All other files have the correct size.
  8. You're using a HCT (long double) trailer, those are only allowed in Finland (by SCS), so you get teleported to the closest service station in Finland.
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