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  1. Unfortunately rules are made to be broken , being able to disable traffic offences is wrong , this only incourages the rule breaker .There should be more red light cameras , speed cameras , wrong way cameras . This is only my apinion . I got 4 fines just the other day , 2 for speeding at a toll gate , 1 at a tunnel , and the other for going the wrong way at a fuel stop . In real life , one more fine , I would have lost my licence plus a fine .
  2. Patience and Situational Awareness , I couldn't agree more . I am semi-retired Professional Class 5 driver . I joined TMP in April 2016 shortly after the launch of ATS , Driven 274,448 mls and got to level 60 , burned the roads out to 99.99% . Then I went over to ETS , Have driven 418,912km and reached level 94 last night . I`ve been hit , rammed , inpaled in a concrete wall , chased but still alive . Driving is my life , and I drive in the game the same way as I do out of game , I respect other driver , give way , don`t go through red lights , will only travel not more then 10k over speed limit on the open highway and stick to limit in the cities . I only use my flashing lights while towing a low loader or hazards goods , The biggest problems I have seen in game is speed , and overtaking , overtaking would be the worse , driver cutting back in to soon and not waiting for the signal from the other driver , or overtaking I stupid places and into on coming traffic . The game a blast and I enjoy every hour of it [ most days 12 ours plus] , I enjoy playing with other truckers , well , 99% of them . So happy trucking you all and if you see me , please say hello in the nice way , not by ramming me .
  3. I don`t think you are on your own with this problem , I nearly ramed someone yesterday , he stopped in front of me with truck high reving , then he disappeared . A few minutes later the same thing happened to me , I reloaded and after 5 minutes it crashed again , 3 more times so I drove offline for 10 minutes to a safe place and reloaded before trying again' .
  4. Well , what do we have now , a truck simulator , or a car racing simulator . Cars could be a nice addon if used the right way . Yesterday after downloading the update , I came across three reds cars parked on a corner , when I passed them they blasted the horns at me , I never tooted back , one chase me and over took and pulled in front of me and stop ,I was unable to stop in time and ramed it. A chat message pop up and said , " that's an insult " . Another guy passed me on the right ,( I was in the right lane ) cut across in front of me and crashed into the concrete wall and bounce back and crash into me giving me $6000 damage . Saw guys with trailers on there cars traveling at high speeds trailers bouncing all over the road . Pilot cars are great idea , but need to be out front a little bit further then they are . Would be great to have pilot car in front on those really narrow one lane roads , makes in more realistic . Don`t get me wrong , cars are going to be great if used the way they should .
  5. Kiwidoug


    Hello fellow truckers , I downloaded ATS, about 15 days ago and wow , oh what fun . I have just finely work out how to use cb , after getting an adimin note in chat corner . . I would like to chat back but how is this done when most keys are used ????
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