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  1. How does the rank system works?

    Hello, It's a formula based off your Forum posts. Here's a topic regarding more information. Hope this has helped. Riley
  2. Riley [EN-US] Screenshots

    Rocking some ATS - my paintjob might be a little hard to see but it's Halloween themed @Spooky_Ghost69 Your missing a bumper - tho I can't say much about mine rocking the plain stock bumper myself. The crew.
  3. Riley [EN-US] Screenshots

    @SDCore @AssassinGoEasy
  4. Killua's Photos :)

    I love the Trameri trailer with the matching truck it looks fantastic.
  5. Riley [EN-US] Screenshots

    Going out for a drive with @SDCore and this happens. I decided to stay up all night driving getting off at like 6AM and next thing I know I go a bit off-roading and end up like this. Lastly, I got pulled over for speeding. I have to deliver to 3 different places so I was going a tad over the speed limit. At least I didn't hit anyone.
  6. It's about an hour away from midnight on my night off. I enjoyed my trip on ATS here's one screen shot I was able to take with shadow play.





  7. Side Text on Player names

    That is a player's tag. This can be done by hitting tab > Go to settings > Look for "Player Tag" > Finally select the color of that text. ( Pictures below ) Hope this has helped. Riley
  8. Riley [EN-US] Screenshots

    Seeing as I work on this coming Monday ( 9/11 ) I might not be able to attend any convoys for the anniversary of the terror attacks. Don't get me wrong I will still take a moment of silence during the time this effected. So instead I went around today driving full RED WHITE and BLUE colors/paintjob on my truck. Full front of my truck. Rocking RED WHITE BLUE paintjob. I had 9/11 RIP but I guess the "/" doesn't save in game save editing but it still comes out ok. Just taking a rest before I go out on the road. With triple trailers it won't fit in the traditional pull-thru spots so I pulled over on the side. Stopped to fill up on fuel as well to get a snack for the road. While there two other truckers pulled up and filled up on fuel as well. Got a flat tire in Bakersfield so I had to get a tow to the service station. While getting my truck repaired I had some downtime so I caught up on some paperwork. Once I got everything fixed I was back on my way to Redding. Then as the sun was setting I pulled into a rest station only 20ish miles from my destination. During this 30 minute break it gave me time to reflect. As mentioned above I won't be able to attend any 9/11 Memorial Convoy(s) that are being hosted for ATS this coming Monday. However I would like to say at the appropriate time at work I will be praying on all those effected on that day. From the people who work in the towers, to any bystander EMS and First Responder and those families effected. We can't rewind history and prevent this from happening - however every step you take you don't have to be alone. TruckersMP is a family, I never like the reason for some the of events that are hosted however people come to show support and whatever percentage no matter how small that may be it proves and shows people still care. You are never alone. RIP
  9. Nice running into you on ETS2 as well Thank You for letting my friend and I thru the construction area.


    Drive safe and have a good night.



    1. the bored hermit

      the bored hermit

      np good to run into someone i know catch ya another time

  10. You're cool.

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    2. Spyder - Truckers.FM

      Spyder - Truckers.FM

      lol yes! I saw you too... :o Stalkers! :troll:


      it's 7am for me and been up all night xD

      Take care mate :)

    3. Natedoggg457


      @Spyder - Truckers.FM Wish i seen u so i can ram u :troll: 

    4. Spyder - Truckers.FM

      Spyder - Truckers.FM

      Wouldn't be the first! xD

  11. Riley [EN-US] Screenshots

    Been out of the house on vacation but did a few loads last night and lost a few of the pics But I was able to save 2 different sunset/sunrise pics that I'd like to share. I'm not connected to this heavy haul but I pretended to make the pic look better I believe I took this shot first before the one above while driving to my destination. I enjoy sunset pics I personally think it's one of the best times to travel because the sights look amazing.
  12. Can't Run The Game.

    @McMenyEk Do you have issues running the game in single player itself as well or only having this issue when playing the Multiplayer Mod? Whatever the case may be try running the launcher as an administrator if that doesn't work try to verify integrity of game files. Steps to verify your game files. > Steam Library > Right click Euro Truck Simulator 2 > Properties > Local files > Verify integrity of game files Hope this has helped. Riley
  13. That's a unique place to park. :o







  14. help

    With recent TruckersMP updates, players are restricted to 1 name change per month. So you must wait until your able to change it again. I was reading on another topic that TruckersMP is possibly changing this rule. More info can be found below. Hope this has helped. Riley
  15. Someone order a traffic jam? :troll:




    1. the bored hermit

      the bored hermit

      side of fries with that