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  1. hi mate headsup the Euro Truck Simulator 2 will work with the Client Installer (.zip) Alpha as i can play on MP .. but it will not work with ATS on MP .
  2. hi the update client_ will not work with ATS THANKYOU please help
  3. thankyou i got to to run now good work m8 but i lost 2 3 days of save files ok thankyou IT'S WORKING NOW
  4. thankyou i will try it mate ty
  5. hi have it as well Unsupported game version! to play you need to have American Truck Simulator v. 1.1.3s [d3f6ead39fcf] ! so i have remove ATS from pc and reinstill it reinstill mp as well still no good this play just after a update from STEAM ???? help please
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