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  1. I love using the Realtime Map, I drive mostly on Europe Server #1 and in ATS US server. The Real time map for Euro servers works fine, but the Realmap for ATS (ATS - United States #1 and ATS - Europe #2) do not show the roads (see screenshot on link below. Can this be fix? Thanks and keep up the good work. CD https://www.dropbox.com/s/gajya02110hgx5v/screenshot.png?dl=0
  2. CDRACER-pr Released

    We don't mind kicked due to updates. It means they are improving the MP and that is good for all of us.
  3. CDRACER-pr Released

    Outstanding work, very fast and just on time for the long weekend. Thank You very much to the Developers. A++++
  4. CDRACER-pr


    Same here, hopefully they can can fix it soon, is a long weekend that we were looking forward to play ATS & ETS....
  5. CDRACER-pr

    Server stress test

    I was able to go in thanks...
  6. CDRACER-pr

    Server stress test

    The game goes ok until is time to connect to server, then is just does not connect. Statys "connection to Europe 2 server....." and don't do anything else
  7. CDRACER-pr has been released.

    Downloaded the latest update and I'm at Rotterdam. The place is packed.. Thanks for such a quick release. Great Job @mwl4
  8. CDRACER-pr

    ATSMP not working

    I downgraded to temporary_1_1 - 1.1.x for incompatible mods. It took a while for the download but I was able to go into MP and I can use any of my trucks without problems. Seems like a lot of people are having the problem because there are only 100+ users playing in MP right now, when in the pass at this time there were over 400+ users playing.