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  1. Morning all, Just to let you know I have resolved this problem. Sorry I haven't been able to answer, this is due to me rushing around for Christmas and for college. The problem was solved for me by following these steps.
  2. Hi @Lorenita I have logged on this morning to have the same problem arise. The game doesn't allow me to login and select a server as it just skips straight past that and I end up in the saved games selection but however I can't choose a saved game as my mouse is frozen in the middle of the screen.
  3. I have recently updated the Multiplayer launcher and I go to play ETS2 MP but as it is loading it skips completely past the bit where I log in and choose and server and also my mouse pointer is frozen and I cant move it. The only way I can quit the game is to ctrl+alt+delete and close the game through the task manager. Just to add there is nothing wrong with my mouse as it works in every other game even ETS2 SP.
  4. My mouse pointer doesn't work in the Multiplayer version of ETS2 but it does work in the Singleplayer version... can anyone help me?
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