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  1. There are many immature people using physics mod :( is trucking game not drifting

  2. This is annoying. There are people sliding all over the place causing problems. Make the no cars server a no winter physics server please.
  3. Hi Mariio. I like you :)

    1. Hedge


      Hi, China. I Holmes Chapel, United Kingdom. The most southern place in the north of England, Lmao.

    2. Mariio
  4. I have the intellectual capacity of a goldfish. Unbanned from forums!!!!!! 

  5. make vioce button mappable to a wheel. I have calculated that I loose 0.0014 lbs off my beautiful 273lb body by reaching to the "v" button thnx Z
  6. Joyeuses Pâques

  7. Bonjour mes petits mamelons

  8. oh hi im unbanned


    How many warning points = perm ban?

    1. KayyJayy


      Not explicitly stated because they judge the severity of the cases before banning.

      For not very severe cases (such as insulting) you will not get a perm ban unless you do it a lot,

      But for more severe cases (like pornography) you're gonna get perm banned very fast.

  9. I'm at he point of drubnkness where driving a truck is not a feasible thing to do

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    2. Hedge


      lol. I've lost count of the amount of times I've been kicked for singing over the CB. LMAO

    3. Forraz


      I think the "Don't drink and drive" thing applies here aswell if you crash :lol: Do as my sign on my door says "Beer is cheaper than gas so drink, don't drive" ;) 

    4. Hedge


        HAHAHA That's a good one!!!

  10. Ched Evans... Opinions?

  11. what is this??


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    2. Dafkeee


      Had the same today, lucky enough on low speed.

    3. Sentinel.


      Aliens have delay when landing on earth and can land anywhere.

    4. Hedge



  12. im drunk so time for some trukcinm

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    2. Hedge


      I'm actually a better drive when drunk, i just get very abusive over the cb when people drive bad

    3. Shovali


      hahaha XD :lol: 

    4. B. Petrovich

      B. Petrovich

      drive safety dont ramming :)

  13. Too much to dink oggggggggbiiiiiiiiiiii"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Hedge


      Drink that is

      Vodka rocks

    2. Forraz


      Atleast I hope you don't drink and drive :P 

  14. Keep it civil please. We don't want to have to ban you from the forums but will if we have to.

    1. Hedge


      I'm sorry. I just think the forums should be more acceptable of off-topic related chat.

      I mean, to ban posts about Paul Walker is slightly disrespectful. In all honesty, I need someone funny and loyal to talk to :(


    2. AbbieGator


      If you want to talk about something off topic to the thread, create another one in the Off Topic section.

    3. Hedge


      Thank you for the advice. I will respect that

  15. Why do people do this???


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    2. DerAmpelmann


      Problem here is that the driver you need to educate most likely doesn't spend too much time on the forums and most likely never sees this status update which leads you only educating drivers who actually visit the forums often. Only that they are less likely to even need any educating.

      In the other hand, if you report that driver and he gets banned he will see this video and what he did wrong and probably improve his driving.

    3. Nameless GhouI

      Nameless GhouI

      Got to be brutally honest. You've got more chance of something being done by reporting him than posting it here in a status update.

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