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Community Answers

  1. I meet new friends with TruckersMP. I often contact with them in my real life. Thanks to TruckersMP community for it!
  2. Thanks for you follow ❤️

  3. Yeah, i agree with @AkiraKurosawa. I want to see more people. I think TruckersMP should give some advertisements in a few famous social media sites.
  4. This situation already has been discussed times without number. Tbh we don't need new discussions for same situation. Please don't misunderstand me. Thank you!
  5. Answer: I want to become a support member again. Support members always are in communication with people. That's awesome. I enjoy to meet new people and talk with them. Question: What's your favorite staff member in TruckersMP and why?
  6. As people said it’s totally enough for a simulation game. If you want more, you always are free to play GTA or NFS series.
  7. I always follow it. Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator are simulation games and if you want to spend time in these games, you must consider them as a real world.
  8. I just have an account in WOT. I never complete any job.
  9. Good luck in your new role! 

  10. It sounds good! People really need it. We will be able to see good convoys with this awesome update
  11. ATS is better than ETS2 in my opinion. As far as i see players of ATS follow traffic rules and they accept ATS like a real world. Unfournately most players of ETS2 think ETS2 like a Need For Speed game and they can bother others for fun. That’s a terrible situation. My some friends don’t want to connect the servers for it.
  12. Thank you for the follow! 💗



      You too 🙂 

  13. My favorite truck company is Volvo. It is very powerful and cool.
  14. Hello You can not connect the servers with “Family Sharing”. You must disable it
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