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  1. I need to be more active on here soooooooo hey people 

  2. Alright it's been a good month since my last episode  because I just haven't had time and I'm trying to get clips away from the C-D road but that's where the action happens a lot I like to collect 12 Minutes of video before I start editing and cutting it I finally have enough and episode 52 will be up tomorrow 

  3. Dear truckersmp I'm not very active on here because when help somebody out and answer there questions an administrator will come along and say the samething then delete the post so my helpful post are gone so thanks a lot I am more active on the facebook group to bad you don't count that all I want to be is an administrator because I had enough of the trolls in the game but I can't because you delete all of my proof 



    I have 8 years of experience of doing administration work with minecraft servers and YouTube channels and Facebook group'

    So your just missing out in a good admin reported over 300 people from the the report systems on the website I caught a guy broadcastin isis stuff over the radio but once again it' not good enough for you 

    1. [ETS2MCG] Kien Giang

      [ETS2MCG] Kien Giang

      but make sure your post is helpful

    2. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      You can always try again next time recruitment opens :) Posting these kinds of status updates won't help and not really the place for it

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  4. I had some guy poke my trailer today and it caused 37% damage to my trailer

    1. LordBenji


      Once had someone poke my trailer and truck, 100% on both xD

    2. RussellakaBigTruckerUk1


      welcome to multiplayer mate, home im inexperienced players that cant drive. was you on calais duisburg road or another popular area

  5. I was denied because I don't have enough helpful post I made 223 post like wtf and everytime I do help I get told off 

  6. Does anybody know any working car mods for 1.29 ats

  7. New mexico FULL tour 


  8. You think scs would've thought about updating world of trucks a lot sooner eh now just go to there twitter to see 

  9. funny and crashes episode 48 


  10. Funny Moments & Crash Compilation #47  new sound effects and 1 new song 


  11. idiot and crashes #46


  12. 200 truck convoy


    1. Wolfman93


      Woah 200 trucks! I bet they've got like 20 fps

  13. alright something new to my series I am now accepting your crazy videos to be in my series https://goo.gl/forms/i10hCdSG8iyvgZQN2

  14. I'm done reporting people unless I see them hacking or ram me more then once  I just find it pointless now 3 weeks of waiting for a admin to check your report then it just gets Declined no matter how much you want to help out and report bad drivers more will just come

    1. JeffSFC


      The majority of the reports you placed that were declined were done so because the user you reported is currently banned for a month or longer because of their ban history. You were still given a positive report rating regardless of how the report was handled meaning that you can still continue to place reports. There were several in there as well that were declined due to the player being reported more than once but your evidence was still added to the ban and the ban was extended. That is how we have to handle multiple reports on one user. Accept one and add valid footage from the rest. We typically do not extend bans in the case of a 4th or 5th offence since those users are going to be sat our for at least 1-3 months.

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