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  1. 5 hours ago, Rhastalord said:

    I think the problem is that you have missed a letter or a number from your profile. Make sure there is no missing text

    from my username ? its my saved games that's missing

    6 hours ago, FirestarteR93 said:

    tbh I suspect that it may be caused cuz of the new ETS update - I mean i wonder if changing the game version will let us see if the profile is just disabled because of the version or if its bugged

    nope doesn't work oh well time to re-start


    yeah so I made a new saved game and I made a backup file so idk what the crap it did on my first save but boy I'm mad

  2. I got profile backups for ats in my files but not euro I guess I have to start over


    16 minutes ago, FirestarteR93 said:

    @gopensgo291 Do you have these folders called e.g. "profiles(" in your My documnets/ATS( or ETS ) ? I mean something like:

    I have backups for ats but not euro so I guess I need to start over


    but my profile is still there for euro so idk what the heck is going on

  3. 16 minutes ago, videogamer said:

    1. Go to the Euro Truck Simulator 2 game in Steam and right click on Euro Truck Simulator 2

    2. Click on Properties then click on Set Launch Options and enter -64bit

    that didn't work still missing saved game


    don't tell me I have to start over

  4. hey I was just logging into euromp and my profile isn't there :(  I checked my files and my profile is there but it isn't working  my ats is working but when I check the game says 32bit but I downloaded the game in 64bit is there a way to change it to 64 yes I re downloaded the truckermp for euro

  5. 7 minutes ago, bryangullickson said:

    Check to make sure your speed limiter in game is off under gameplay settings and also if you are doing WoT external contracts they are limited to 90KPH by SCS and truckers MP have no control over that

    thanks I though I had turned it off FIXED 

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