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  1. michaelm92

    Trailer Plate

    Been mentioned before but in the UK your trailer number plate must be the same as the truck by law this is for any vehicle towing in the UK. So i welcome an update to fix this issue
  2. Haven't posted here in a while. Nice Merc JeffSFC
  3. New Scania is great can't wait for full release new Italy cargo aswell
  4. https://www.cdkeys.com/pc/games/euro-truck-simulator-2-pc-italia-dlc-steam-cd-key thought id throw this in here
  5. I'm all for improving the beacons and lights in game but the use of beacons in-game annoys me people run them on permanently with or without trailer which isn't their purpose if they were used correctly then adding them to pilot cars would be ok.
  6. As you can see i have quite a cool cargo but if i'm right are these Iveco race trucks ripped from Automobilista i'm not bothered if they are just they have all the Brazilian sponsors and they are a high quality. They were part of a big trailer pack so it wasn't credited.
  7. Shame really that so many people don't bother to explore the whole map and instead stick to one road/area the Calais-Duisburg road. As its not even that great its just busy. I look forward to driving the west of France on my own whilst everyone else plays bumper cars near Paris/Calais
  8. J-spec looks even better when you have a sunset backdrop whilst take a in-game rest.
  9. Been using this Online a lot not sure whether its a proper J-Spec but I think it looks good.
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