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  1. Truckersmp Nickname History

    +1 I also think old usernames should be erased from their profile say after six months.
  2. American ATS Server

    You ever hear if that old saying "if you ignore it long enough it will go away"..
  3. More variety for Caravans

    Slap a new skin on it then call it a day..Remember this is a truck sim.
  4. A Guide to Getting Recruited to Join the Team!

    Well it looks by the profiles of some of the recruits all you have to do is have a ban or so..Heck there is even one that was banned for ban evading..And you wonder why its a mess
  5. TruckersMP 4th Anniversary & 100th blogpost

    congrats on the 4th year....
  6. removal of the limiter on ats

    Well to be honest id like to have it where you could only run whatever the truck speed limit is in each state..Exp: California is 55 for trucks..I know most wouldn't like that but it would be realistic and enjoyable..
  7. removal of the limiter on ats

    The speed limit does reduce when you go thru any city in the real world , so it is fairly realistic..Its not gonna hurt anyone if it takes a few extra seconds to go thru a town ..At the end of the day its all fun and games "supposed to be"
  8. removal of the limiter on ats

    -1 the speed limiter going thru cities is realistic.
  9. Save Editing - Am I following the rules?

    I know ill catch grief for this but wouldn't the simplest solution be not to allow hacking/save editing? tbh alot of the hacks look like garbage,example: multiple exhaust pipes..If you wanna hack up your game do it in single player and keep it off mp it doesn't look as good as you think it does.
  10. American ATS Server

    Same here.. i have one isp and its garbage..
  11. American ATS Server

    lol.. it was just a guess..
  12. American ATS Server

    Attitude!!! lol you havent seen attitude kid..sometimes you dont see yourself rubberbanding but others do. It happens ..
  13. American ATS Server

    Its called high pings and,rubberbanding for us that live in USA...Gameplay is almost non playable for that reason..
  14. American ATS Server

    Hahaha.. you people keep posting the status of the ats US server..We already know its down no need to copy and paste old information..Now why is it down? Who knows except the devs.I have one question though why is it always the US ats server that always goes out/disabled..Why dont the rest of the servers have that problem?
  15. Air Horn

    Theres a glitch i have been using for awhile now..Buy a day cab add the air horns after you confirm the purchase go back in and add the roof deflector..Even though the air horns don't show you can still hear them. Been doing this for a long time. I have only used this on the 579 haven't tried it on the 389 .Ok for it to work on the 389 buy the ultra sleeper then go back in change it too the low roof then add the air horns confirm purchase then go back in add the roof ultra sleeper back.