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  1. [VIVA] Sanguinem Luna

    [SCS Blog] American Truck Simulator Update 1.33 Open Beta

    Time for TruckersMP to unban all the players they banned for using TPDs before. It was a stupid part of the rule that shouldn't have been a part of it to begin with. I can understand banning players with 3 or more 45+ foot trailers. But to ban players for having a configuration that is legal in the US was a bad move on their part. I would hope TMP issues a formal apology to all the players they banned who were using TPDs. C'mon TruckersMP. Own up to your bad decision.
  2. [VIVA] Sanguinem Luna

    Hot topic #4: CB

    I know how to turn it off. And I don't turn the volume to zero. I turn it almost to zero, because a lot of people don't know how to adjust settings or keep the mic out of their mouths. Sometimes I will leave it on though, for some reason, that I can never explain to myself. And then I always regret leaving it on as soon as I encounter one of the many things I mentioned... BUT! I hardly play TMP anyways, so the CB honestly doesn't matter much to me at all.
  3. [VIVA] Sanguinem Luna

    Hot topic #4: CB

    Whenever I actually do play TMP (Once or twice a year, if that, even), I never use the CB. Even if I have the CB volume turned down to basically zero, I still get my ears blasted out by kids with their mic so far down their damned throats, you'd think you're back in the mid to late 2000's playing Call of Duty MP with how they're screaming at each other and basically blowing their mics. And the odd occasion you get someone playing and/or blasting music through their mics. Or you roll up to and/or past an "accident" where either A: Trolls are faking an "accident" to hold up traffic (Perfect example here: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/222008791). B: A troll decided to drive the wrong way, ram, block, etc and the troll and driver are screaming at each other, cussing up a storm. Or C: Someone made an honest mistake and despite the driver at fault apologizing profusely, the "victim" has zero patience or control of their temper and screams and cusses out someone who made an honest mistake. I could go on and on, listing the reasons why I don't use the CB and use a different channel other than the default 19 or a different VOIP service, but I won't. You get the point by now. Also. Discord. So much better. I only play with one other person whenever I do play TMP, so we just start a private call in Discord and turn our CBs off since there's never anything useful being said and almost no one is using it properly. There a few rare exceptions, but they're few and far between.
  4. Happy birthday! 




    -Arctic Wolf 

  5. So, it snowed in California. In Sacramento. In the city. ATSMP Snow Mod when? ;) Can't claim that you won't add a snow mod for ATSMP because "it never snows on the West Coast" now. It has, it does and will continue to do so, even if rare.

  6. [VIVA] Sanguinem Luna

    Share Your Desktop

    Updated my Desktop.
  7. [VIVA] Sanguinem Luna

    Do you guys record your drivings?

    I always stream my adventures in ATSMP. If an incident occurs, I stop my streams a few minutes after an incident occurs and then immediately highlight and export the incident to YouTube and then create a report on the site.
  8. [VIVA] Sanguinem Luna

    We're sorry - And we ask your opinion on /fix

    My honest opinion? Currently, it's kinda pointless. You can repair your truck but not your trailer? What's the point? If you get rammed and your trailer takes enough damage that it's a lost cause, what is the point of the fix command? It's useless. Absolutely useless. At that point, you're better off taking the same amount of time it would take to type out "/fix" to just F7+Enter instead and then canceling the load in the Service Station and teleporting to a Home Garage to start over. Either way, you are losing money, so there isn't a point in using the current "/fix" command. The cooldown is fine. Keep it at 10 minutes. But I highly suggest adding the trailer fixing back to the command, otherwise it is useless and you're better off F7+Entering to a Service Station and canceling the load. And before anyone says anything about C/D Road, I avoid that road like the plague if I ever do actually play ETS2MP, which I almost never do, and there are other people who avoid it too. However, not all trolls and rammers are exclusively on the C/D Road. And rammers and trolls aren't exclusively on ETS2MP. They're on ATSMP as well, all over the map, not just in one concentrated area. They are elsewhere in the map. So don't go and say "Stay off C/D Road then!" or "Stay out high population areas then!" because you're making yourself look like a fool by assuming that everyone only ever goes to the trouble areas.
  9. [VIVA] Sanguinem Luna

    [Poll] Bring back the old Winter Mod

    ^ Here's some advice that applies IRL too: If you can't see the lines on the pavement, use the tire tracks as a guide instead. Tire tracks ahead of you are very clear to see, not hard to keep your truck in line with the tire tracks.
  10. What's the current wait time/backlog on web reports?

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    2. [VIVA] Sanguinem Luna

      [VIVA] Sanguinem Luna

      Dude, if you don't got nothing nice to say, don't bother saying anything at all. You don't know what the report is for and it's a common question that gets asked often. So take the attitude and butt out. Blocked.

    3. [VIVA] Kravatree [S64]
  11. [VIVA] Sanguinem Luna

    Voice Navigation Mod - ETS2 and ATS

    With RootKiller asking about it, it gives me hope that SCS will add an official voiced GPS feature sometime in the future. If SCS did add it officially, doubt it'd be anytime soon though, so this mod would definitely be, in my honest opinion, one of the most popular mods of all time.
  12. [VIVA] Sanguinem Luna

    Strobing Beacons for the Pilot Car?

    ^ Switchable patterns would be difficult to do but would be amazing. Likely something SCS would have to do in order for it to completely work but, I think determined modders may be able to do it via having multiple lightbars you can buy with specific patterns. Wouldn't be on-the-fly switching, but for different general patterns, it'd be great. Doing that, if even possible, for the Pilot Car though would be... Not likely. It'd likely increase the size of TMP's download if too many are added just to have different patterns and TMP has already said they don't want to make the download any larger. One additional lightbar should be fine, or if the size would be an issue with adding an additional lightbar, maybe replacing one of the Police lightbars is the way to go. I mean honestly... Why do Admins need 4 Police Lightbar options? They all basically only use either the small beacon or the one lightbar that got updated with the newer beacon properties from when SCS added Police to ETS2. The other two bars basically never get used now.
  13. [VIVA] Sanguinem Luna

    Voice Navigation Mod - ETS2 and ATS

    ^ Ah. Kinda figured because I was sure that Rockstar wouldn't have gone through the trouble of making sound files for just one game, lol. Kinda surprised no other game or product has used them.
  14. [VIVA] Sanguinem Luna

    Voice Navigation Mod - ETS2 and ATS

    Just curious. Were the sound files in a publicly available download from some company as a free resource or were these ripped from GTA IV? Because I've only ever heard both genders of the voice in GTA IV. And will these be getting replaced with better voices or are they staying this way? Edit: Glad to see someone finally making a voiced GPS mod. Really hoping SCS will eventually do it, but this is a first for sure and a very welcomed addition.
  15. [VIVA] Sanguinem Luna

    Strobing Beacons for the Pilot Car?

    There are now two really good Steam Workshop mods that add strobing beacons to the game. I know TMP will not use external mods. I'm not saying they should use these because I know TMP won't use them, but I wanted to bring them up as they're a great example of how awesome strobing beacons are compared to bland rotators. So, I threw together a short video showcasing them both on Vipers truck. //SEIZURE WARNING! If You Have Epilepsy Or Are Prone To Seizures Caused By Flashing Lights, Do NOT Watch!\\ Additional warning for mild profanity in the form of text pop-ups during some parts of the video.