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  1. there is no g_force_economy_reset in the config but there is one in the preview_config file
  2. I'm not have an issue with the job market, I'm talking about when I load the game no matter where I parked up for the night when I atart up the game it transports me back to my home depot and cancels any jobs I was doing even if I wasn't hauling anything
  3. When I load up the game it spawns me back at my home depot, that doesn't seem right if not how can I fix it?
  4. Hi, I downloaded the MP and now all it does is take me to the steam store?
  5. ok, got it fixed, had to move the files from the VTRoot file to the program folder, not sure why its done that but it works now thanks for the help though
  6. I checked and that's what it says, I don't understand what is going wrong I have installed it in the past but I had to do a full reboot of my comp and since then its not working also I found the launch icon for ETS2 and ATS in a hidden file called VTRoot if that means anything
  7. It is my computer so I should have haha I have allowed full permission and I'm still getting the same message?
  8. Hi, I'm having install and start up issues, I followed the correct process and the MP is installed in the correct directory but the short cut for the desk top is not created (not a big deal) but after digging through the files and finding the ATS and ETS2 MP launchers they wont launch even as admin but I get a message stating "Windows cannot access the specific device, path or file. You may not have the appropriate permissions to access the item" also trying to uninstall the MP results in the same message
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