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  1. Just now, Trucking Gekco said:

    ^ Cars are NOT the problem. Take out the cars then what? Are you going to say the people who drive the trucks are trolls anyway? It's the PLAYER not VEHICLE

    yeah i didnt mean its the car lol the people driving them i mean 

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  2. there are many videos on youtube showing how its best to do.. or even use the outside view to get the hang of it and see how the trailer works ie if u turn right or left and see what happens with the trailer

  3. people that are getting lag try removing ets2 mp from your pc and do a fresh install .. i went from 30 fps to 60 even when i was streaming it might work for ya


    On 07.07.2016 at 10:33 AM, [RUS]goshawk2015 said:

    my game also crashes several times especially in Rotterdam Europoort! :( i have no idea why.... sad :( 

    might your pc cant handel the lag and crashes the game 

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