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  1. Multiple Reports

    Good idea! This way the reports can be prioritized. +1
  2. Maximum Speed for cars

    In my opinion, it is no longer necessary, since there is the new global speed limiter.
  3. Adding a small realistic effect.

    I think that's an interesting suggestion. +1
  4. Call of the wild

    You can find the caravan in the job market.
  5. Call of the wild

    Good idea with the Caravan
  6. Released

    Really nice update!
  7. Custom skin's in MP

    That would be a good community feature! +1
  8. Beacon Script - Enforcing Rule

    Good idea! +1
  9. "Tab Menu" cursor compatibilty

    Good feature sugggestion! +1
  10. Maximum Speed for cars

    A very good idea! That would significantly reduce the number of accidents involving cars. +1
  11. Truckersmp Phone app

    I think that the normal website is enough. -1
  12. MPH dash for the new Scout

    That would be a good idea for British drivers / drivers with MPH. +1
  13. Automatic crash reporter

    In itself a good idea, but very complicated.
  14. Tutorial after registering account

    This would be very helpful to new members and will certainly stop a few trolls. +1
  15. Speedometer on other players

    I think that's a really good idea. +1