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  1. Please check private message inbox, I have sent messsage. I need support here, no one is looking Support Topic, I have Created a lot of Topics in Support tab, no one care about us. Soo try to help us with Private Messages May, Penguin? Your job is this!

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    2. Fading


      What I suggest is actually learning to look around the forums before you start crying...



    3. HyperioN94


      @Fading l #Wish64 Soo much talking, thanks for help now you can go from this post ok? Won't see ur bored profile and ur bored trash types..

  2. Burner how can I contact with you? I was had 1 problem. Please!

    1. FirestarteR93


      Better send a message to the feedback mail (that way you'll get a reply as soon as someone who can help you sees it)

    2. HyperioN94


      It's okay thanks a lot guys

  3. HyperioN94


    Please fix anyone this Game Crash!!!!!!! it's Crashing Every 5 Minutes To Me!!!!! PLEASE FIX !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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