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  1. techwhipped Released

    Dear Complainers, You should be grateful that TruckersMP has created a free mod for us to use to enjoy multiplayer with Friends/Family. I’m very grateful of TruckersMP Staff they work very hard free of charge rather it answering support tickets, dealing with ban appeals, keeping discord/forum clean, and keeping truckersMP updated. As a programmer myself it not just a push of a button then everything is working everything is done by trial an error with the recent updates of ATS/ETS there was a lot of changes made from New DLC added, New Trailers, and ETC. Instead of complaining and insulting TruckersMP staff you should thank them instead. Honestly, imagine if TruckersMP community didn’t exist at all we would all probably be playing single-player. Thank You, Robert
  2. techwhipped Released

    Just a little small advised I learned to keep auto updates off this where you can manually update to 1.35 and continue to enjoy multiplayer until TMP release an update to support it.
  3. techwhipped

    Trucko | Xbox One App

    Thank You for your feedback there are more improvements to come current feature that are soon to be implemented are ability to lookup player ban status and some other features. The app has been updated to where it now auto starts without having to push start I just haven't pushed the latest update to the app store yet I will push it there once the ban status is implemented into the app.
  4. techwhipped

    Trucko | Xbox One App

    Truck O Desc: Simple tool that runs on your Xbox One or Windows 10 that allows you to view server status Screenshots Benefits: Cross-platform runs on Xbox One and Windows 10 New Features will be added soon Open Sourced Source Code View Source Code Download Source Code Changelogs Beta Version - Initial Release Official App Store Microsoft Store Page - Trucko
  5. techwhipped

    Pause button glitching

    This may resolve the issue you're having with your game
  6. techwhipped

    TruckersMP SUPPORT OSX ?

    Highly always recommend searching the forums first before posting as this question as been answered a lot here the thread link to that explains why Mac OS X support for MP is not available yet.
  7. techwhipped

    Mac download?

    See this thread link above it explains why their no Mac support yet.
  8. techwhipped

    You Must Select a Valid American Truck Simulator Path

    You'll also receive this issue if you're trying to install TruckersMP mod using the demo version of ETS2 and ATS.
  9. techwhipped


    This is cause SCS Software released an update for ATS / ETS even if you downgraded version it will not work only thing we can do is be patience until TruckersMP Developers release an update. https://forum.truckersmp.com/index.php?/announcement/16-ats-and-ets2-updated-but-incompatible/
  10. techwhipped

    Connection error

    Try this step when you right click on truckersMP shortcut on desktop > select properties then select combability mode then check the box that says run in combinability mode and select window 8 then try running again. This is the same issue I was having earlier and took this steps to fix it.
  11. This issue is caused by smart screen setting being enabled you can disable it by following these steps below. Go to Control Panel > Select System > Then System and Security. Once there select Security and Maintenance > Then select change windows Smart screen settings > then select > Don't do anything This is the same issue I had with unknown apps including TruckersMP mod.
  12. techwhipped

    I Can not Connect the ATS to My Account

    I believe this is the thread you might be looking for make sure you've played ATS for at least 2 hours
  13. techwhipped

    I can not start mp ?!

    Make sure to opt-out of all betas wait for the game to update. Once the game has updated install the latest version of the truckersMP mod then try again looking at your screenshot looks like you're still opt-in to beta version of ETS2.
  14. techwhipped


    Here a video that shows how to resolved that issue you're having
  15. techwhipped

    Cant start multiplayer.

    Make sure you've the most recent TruckersMP client update also which is version it was released as a hot-fix. You can download it at http://truckersmp.com/en_US/download