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  1. I say why not? It used to be a much bigger problem and it seems to come in waves for the most part.
  2. WoT contracts is your easiest fix. As said above, you're speed limited but that's ok if you're enjoying a leisure drive with friends.
  3. Four thumbs up. The design is in line with many US police departments. The LAPD made the black/white famous and a lot of agencies are switching to that design. Our local police department just switched to black and whites and they look slick
  4. I understand and that would be frustrating, for sure.
  5. I'm not opposed to this suggestion, but I struggle to understand how one wouldn't realize their headlights aren't on. Sometimes I struggle to see everything with just the low beams on....I couldn't imagine attempting to drive without headlights...Just my 2 cents.
  6. Yes, please. Love the suggestion! This would make gameplay so much easier
  7. I'm a fan of plays.tv too...i'm a dummy and it makes it simple. No issues with bandwidth either.
  8. Start reporting them through the website. It's the only way to get rid of the habitual offenders
  9. I had this issue everytime I f7'd. I lost my hard drive and had to do a fresh install of everything. The issue went away so it definitely helped
  10. Correct http://truckersmp.wooqash.net/76561198210427307
  11. You have those responsible and those who are not responsible. Record and report and let the system handle it.
  12. I'm still waiting to pass through my first road check...you guys are slacking
  13. Plays.tv is also a good resource. It will record your entire session automatically and you can create bookmarks throughout.
  14. Department of Transportation?
  15. @littlefoot_22 I submitted one just a little bit ago and it was handled. Hopefully this ^ will calm things
  16. ^Agreed. Just came off the ATS US server and it's pretty bad. So much craziness but only so much I could report and still drive.
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