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  1. greymagic27

    Trailer w/ No GPS

    I just turn the GPS off
  2. I like the orginal scaina. I find that the DAF/Iveco just are not fast enough
  3. greymagic27

    Best DLC in ETS2

  4. greymagic27

    please. I have a question

    If truckersMP did add ai traffic it would be a mess with trolls and the C-D road. It would also be hard for them to sync it up.
  5. Volvo trucks have the most horsepower
  6. greymagic27


    I always use Europort for that
  7. About to do a driving test for Scania LTD :blush: 


    Wish me luck!

  8. greymagic27

    ETS2 Update ._.

  9. greymagic27

    ETS2 Update ._.

    What are they planning to add in that update?
  10. greymagic27


    Over time the game will die down like overwatch
  11. greymagic27


    Lille and Dortmund can get very busy later in the day
  12. greymagic27

    Your Best Memory : Truckersmp

    The only thing I can remember is logging onto truckersMP for the first time
  13. greymagic27

    Your bad driver experience

    Due to the ammount of traffic recently I am always recording
  14. I don't even have a steering wheel I'm stuck with keyboard/mouse