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  1. Disturbing seeing so many impatient and ungrateful people in this thread. You are either ignorant of how much work is actually involved in a mod like TruckersMP or you don't care, and neither attitude is a great look.
  2. Question about the new DLC: Can I play MP with it installed, so long as I don't use the new stuff, or should I untick the box and uninstall it from Steam before going online?


    Thanks for any help.

    1. Spieker


      You can even use the new accessories, you only get kicked when you have one of the paintjobs.But other Players don't see your accessories^^


    2. ak416


      Great, thanks very much for the information, @Spieker :D

  3. This new ETS2 DLC looks great. Questionable trailer though, lol.



    1. Santos.


      Very good ;)

  4. EU1 servers for both ATS and ETS2 are speed limited, and do not allow cars. Users in other servers may choose to drive the speed limit, or are completing a contract via World of Trucks, which governs the speed of your truck by default, and does not allow you to disable to the speed limiter.
  5. Had a delivery at the Bitumen just outside the race track this morning. What an absolute nightmare that was! I get that everyone is excited to get on the track, but some common courtesy would still be nice!
  6. I was totin' my pack, along the dusty Winnemucca road...

  7. What recording software do you all use? I am currently using fraps but am finding that the performance hit is just too much. I am only recording for reports, if someone is griefing or blocking etc, I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations.

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    2. _BloxTD_


      Shadowplay or OBS

    3. ak416


      Thanks everyone, appreciate the input!

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