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  1. Trying to run Euro Truck on multiplayer and I get the message "can't start because steam_api64.dll is missing from my computer . Since my ETS was not Steam , I bought the Steam edition thinking it would cure the problem. It did not help. I have Steam ATS and it runs the multiplayer fine. Thanks for any help
  2. KVTzeek3


    Thanks for the response. I have been on ATSMP for a few weeks, and then it quit working. After downgrading and several attempts it is now working OK. Thanks again, zeek2 Bob M.
  3. 2 discussions going on so I thought I would jump in here. After downgrading I did get the MP to work however it has made my KW900 incapatable. Bob M
  4. KVTzeek3


    I tried to downgrade but it makes no difference. Bob M
  5. KVTzeek3


    Not able to start ATSMP. All of a sudden it tells me my version of ATS is not correct. Any help is appreciated, Thanks zeek2 Bob M
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