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  1. NOT all European countries MUST have their lights on. Recommended to have it on in several European countries is different from getting fined when not having them on in other European countries.
  2. Thx for the updates am very curious to know what the updates hold.
  3. Thx for the updates of ATS and ETS2 , though from the last one would be nice if possible to know what it was. By any chance the paintjob from the event already supported?
  4. Thank you for this info, that is all I think ATS MP players wanted to know, more open in the how what why of course within reason. The reason and the descision you made for ATS at this time is well explained and makes sense. Wish it was explained sooner but on the other hand it is explained now. Better late then never Hope SCS will update ATS on short term cause they did say in november/december 2017 ATS will go to v1.30 as soon as ETS2 goes to v1.30 and has it's DLC's released, only looks like SCS forgot about that Meaning your hands are tied at the moment. Again thanks for the information, it is much appreciated.
  5. No it has not been added (yet), I tried to use it in MP and got kicked.
  6. i love the new paintjobs from the events SCS has but noticed it is not supported in MP (yet)
  7. @xBestBBx all due respect 2 weeks passed since ATS got an update which lead to rollback ATS version, ETS2 had more updates and got update with a blink of an eye for MP. Would think ATS didnt change so much on bugfixes updates. I think it is normal when there is no explanation like ETS2 does get when it will not work that people ask for it, low ATS players on MP or not. There was once said ATS and ETS2 will get same treatment with updates, it is showing lately it is not. Makes people wonder if ATS MP will be part of MP or that support will stop, SCS wont keep the rollback version available forever. I enjoy ATS more then ETS2, I can live without the MP but still wonder and ask why is ATS not updated yet.
  8. why again only ETS2? Please explain why not ATS, it has the event as well people wanna play MP ATS, cause that one is totally not worklng anymore... Or did I miss the newflash that ATS is no longer being updated? Great for ETS2 and i thank you for that but I am mad cause once again no ATS update Thx for a merry merry christmas
  9. Thx for the update, is there a reason why ATS still hasn't been made to work with last version? Do not get me wrong I appreciate the updates and all the hard work but after over a week with new ATS update yet not for MP (but ETS2 gets the updates for MP after ATS was done by SCS so is confusing)I am wondering is ATS being ditched? (i love ATS MP so I do hope it will get an update for latest ATS version, i am tired of downgrading so I just wait patiently til it gets update)
  10. time of release depends on the time they have to work on making it compaitble and what they have to adjust to make it working, ets2 is out of public beta, if you wanna play MP opt out of the beta and let it run the official version. beta's are never supported for MP, always rollback/dont update or wait for official release of SCS updates. Time between beta and official release also depends on the amount of reported bugs and fixes, most times around 2-4 weeks before public beta goes to official release.
  11. same here says supported version differs from version I am running, but i guess it is WIP I am on the latest ATS version, MP not yet based on launcher. ETS2 works so well i do that or go to SP for time being... choices choices
  12. @seamustrainfan25 this is copied from the SCS blog (Trade Connections France event announcement posted 31st of August 2017) "We are introducing a new feature to World of Trucks called the 'Log Book' - it will allow you to check on your past transportation jobs. Refer to it to check on your progress in the event."
  13. click ok i had that 1 time clicked ok and never got the message again ??????(UA)
  14. @Rustyzilla https://forum.truckersmp.com/index.php?/forum/55-help/ perhaps in there somewhere is an answer/solution and otherwise ask for help there since that is the place to go when your friend is having issues Goodluck though and hope it gets solved for your friend and you
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