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  1. I abhor VTC's in general so I can't help you with that, but just for clarity's sake (I mean if you really want a realistic simulation experience): A rookie driver will almost never get a daycab, they're usually required to have their hazmat endorsement from day one, and their length of haul will not be limited. The vast majority of us "paid our dues" over the road for the first several years, then later were lucky enough to land a local (day cab) job. Most local jobs require at least 2 years of OTR experience. Of course there are exceptions, but a daycab driver (LTL for example) who's played his cards right can be home every day making pretty close to 6 figures while a non-specialized OTR driver will be lucky to make $50k. A specialized OTR driver would be someone who hauls overdimensional, specific high value cargo, household goods, etc and they tend to be well paid.
  2. You're absolutely right. While the developers and administrative staff of TMP are very bright and intelligent, they are (for the most part) very young making them prone to power trips and knee-jerk reactions and a flat-out refusal to admit and correct mistakes they've made. We saw this with the last "Road to Simulation" update. "Because we can" is never a good reason to do something.
  3. @Chris [PL] You forgot to both lock and move this topic.
  4. @Addict2SimsQc Thank you for posting the fix for this. Not sure why these kids don't test their updates before they push them. Intro to IT 101...
  5. HAR_Sabre

    Really Surprised

    This right here is the issue. A little communication goes a long way. Just something, anything, to show that we haven't been completely forgotten. If TMP wants people to support them monetarily, especially with a recurring donation, they need to get better with communication. This isn't a complaint thread, it was just a statement of surprise that it was taking this long to update ATSMP. Many of us feel that way. At least, it wasn't a complaint thread until a couple people came in to wrongly complain that it was just another complaint thread. No on is forcing you to read or reply to threads that irritate you...
  6. I started playing ATS with an old Act Labs ForceRS with all the options that I bought over 20 years ago. I've since modernized (not sure if it's really an upgrade...) to a Thrustmaster T150. I works great for ATS, but if I was still actively racing online I don't think this wheel would be precise enough. There are definitely things I miss about the ForceRS.
  7. @Addict2SimsQc Not sure where you're seeing so many bad/wreckless/"IOTR" drivers on the ATS sever, unless maybe you're playing on the European server? I have seen very, very few trolls on ATS US server. A few "bad drivers" in that they turn too short and get hung up on a telephone pole, fence, etc. but true trolls are few and far between. ETS2 has exponentially more trolls and exponentially more players, so your logic doesn't hold up anyway.
  8. Confirmed for November 7th now! https://store.steampowered.com/news/?appids=270880
  9. All of them. I buy every ATS DLC the day it's released, with the exception of the Valentine's Day paintjobs. I waited 'till that one was on sale because it didn't interest me.
  10. I think there are cultural differences between Europeans and Americans with regard to how they perceive truckers. I watched a documentary about European trucking and it showed an almost rockstar-like adoration of truck drivers and their trucks. I'm not sure if that's accurate, but it would explain the significant popularity disparity between ETS2 and ATS. In the US, truckers are looked at almost as second-class citizens, dumb hicks who aren't smart enough to do anything but hold a steering wheel. That's not the least bit true, but it's the stereotype here among a significant portion of the population.
  11. I was excited to see the hopper bottom added. It'll be cool to be able to pull that around in game. That and the bulk feed trailer will make for more varied cargo to the various farms around the map. Looks like a nice update even though SCS is downplaying it in their blog. I meant to check out the redesigned cities while I had it installed but forgot to do that.
  12. @ShadowWolf2k7 Again, you need to understand the difference between a speed limit and a speed limiter. There is no real world counterpart to TMP's artificial speed limiter. A speed limit is not the real world counterpart to TMP's artificial speed limiter. A speed limit is the real world counterpart to the posted speed limits in the game. I can't answer the question you asked me, because it's based on the false premise that I believe there should be no speed limits. I've never advocated for a total lack of speed limits. I've simply said that enacting a global limiter is NOT a step towards simulation, it's a definitive step away from simulation. That's an undeniable fact. Maybe it's necessary to curb some trolling, but it's not realistic and the vast majority of trolling in TMP that I've witnessed firsthand has had nothing to do with high speeds.
  13. @ShadowWolf2k7 There is no "real world counterpart" to a global or local artificial speed limiter. It's as far from "simulation" as you can get.
  14. This statement is 100% untrue. I am not a child, I have no desire to troll anyone, and when I want a racing game, I play a racing game. Just to clarify- nobody is complaining about the speed limit. We're complaining about the speed limiter. As I've said before- if the goal is "simulation" then having any type of global speed limiter is a step in the wrong direction. Having said that, it's set high enough that it rarely affects me and most others who play the game as a simulation. What really bothers me is the city speed limiter. It was frustrating enough at 55MPH, is ridiculous at 45MPH. There is absolutely nothing authentic about your vehicle automatically slowing down to a crawl when you enter the city limits on the interstate.
  15. I have no desire to play on an arcade server. I play this game as a simulation. Unfortunately, with the "Road to Simulation" changes, TMP has moved definitively away from true simulation. As such, I'm part of the unofficial boycott because I can't stand being dropped to 45MPH on the interstate when driving through cities. I keep checking to see if the admins have come to their senses and at least raised it back up to 55MPH, but until that happens, I'm sticking with single player. They just better get their heads out of the sand before the only serious competitor to TruckersMP launches the ATS side of their multiplayer mod, or the hemorrhaging of players we're currently seeing may become permanent.
  16. What is not realistic is that we're artificially limited to 80 MPH. Not sure how else to phrase that for you. The truck in my avatar can do well over 80 MPH. It's real. I very rarely did that, because I didn't want to get a ticket. But I had the option, if I chose to accept the potential consequences, of going as fast as I dared. That's real. Not being allowed to get in trouble for speeding- that's not realistic. Having said that, the 80 MPH limit isn't the one that keeps me from playing TMP. I don't play online anymore because of the 45MPH limit. I usually stick to within 5-10 MPH of the posted speed limit, so I wouldn't be affected by the global limiter. However that global 80 MPH limit is still inappropriate if the goal, as stated, is "simulation."
  17. @XxB3AsTxX_TMP We've talked a little about being medically disqualified on your Twitch stream. That's why I play TMP. I miss the "brotherhood" of the road, and this game brings a little bit of that back. I don't have a major problem with the 80MPH speed limiter because it will rarely, if ever, affect me. I generally stay within 5 MPH of the speed limit. What really irritates me, aside from people trying to say that a global artificial speed limiter is somehow realistic, is the 45MPH limiter on the interstates within city limits. 55 was bad enough, 45 is just unreasonable. I haven't been on TMP since the first day that was enacted. I'll try it again eventually, but not sure I'll stick around if that isn't somehow improved. I mainly replied to say that I feel like you've been the most honest with us. This statement here: That's totally true. Thank you for not telling us it's more realistic, because it absolutely is not. It may be an overall positive change, but it's most definitely taking TMP a step away from true simulation, and that's been my point all along.
  18. I think my post is pretty clear that I would have it enforced by a game moderator. I fully understand they're busy and spread pretty thin. In real life, you get away with speeding sometimes. I've gotten away with more than my fair share of it myself. There aren't officers everywhere. But for the most part I (and 99.9% of the motoring public) stick close to the limit because we know they could be anywhere. If TMP needs to bring in more game moderators for ATS, then that's what needs to happen. There are always people asking to be game moderators. But telling us their goal is simulation then artificially limiting speed on a stretch of road is just disingenuous.
  19. Mad Cap, from a former truck driver to a current one, that's a nice looking truck for a Volvo! I could be wrong, but you said you were trained on Cascadias, which has me thinking you're fairly young, or at least fairly new to trucking. I started trucking before DPFs and DEF and EGR systems on diesel engines. I don't believe there are any reliable trucks nowdays with those systems on them. They all spend a lot of time in the shop. That's why glider kits are so popular now. My last truck before I had to hang up my keys was a 2000 KW W900L with an 86" Studio, 550 C15 and an 18-speed (see my avatar). It had all the toys. I just had the single turbo, I knew enough guys who were having issues with the twin turbo setup and several that swapped to a single. I miss that truck. Anyway to stay on topic, the next truck has been confirmed to be the International Lonestar, which makes me happy because I've always liked International trucks. Hopefully the 9900 will follow- that's the truck I was looking for when I ended up with my W9.
  20. I agree with Szabotage for the most part. I stop at red lights and stop signs, and obey speed limits fairly closely. If the goal is simulation, then ANY artificial speed limiter is wrong. When you're driving IRL, you can go as fast as you want. Your vehicle doesn't automatically slow down when you get within a city limit. However, there are consequences to your actions. You will be punished if you're caught speeding. That's how it should be in TMP if the true goal is simulation. If you're caught speeding excessively (more than 5-10MPH over the limit), then you should be kicked from the server. I believe that would be enough of a deterrent to keep most people from speeding when they know there could be an admin watching. If you're kicked more than a certain number of times in a certain time period, you should be banned for a short time. I disagree with the 80MPH overall limit, but it would very rarely affect me. However, the artificial 45MPH limit on the interstates within cities is just unreasonable and is pushing me to play single player more than I ever have. The only time I get on TMP anymore is when some friends want to go trucking together, and even then one or two trips crawling through cities on the interstate has us moving on to another game. I say all that giving the TMP staff the benefit of the doubt that their goal is actually simulation, but I believe their actions and lack of interaction with the community tell the real story- the ultimate goal is control, not simulation.
  21. I've voiced my opinion about speed limiters here on the forums before and I quit playing TMP while we were "accidentally" globally limited to 65MPH. I speculated then, apparently correctly, that it was a dry run to see how many people decided to play single player if the admins ever decided to enact a speed limiter. The "Road to Simulation" is taking TMP further away from actual simulation and causing me to go back to single player much more often. In the real world, trucks are not speed limited unless the owner chooses to have them limited. It's a feature built right into the ECM of every modern truck, but most owner operators choose not to enable it. In TMP, we're simulating an owner operator environment (unless you're in a VTC). The bottom line is that a global speed limiter is a definitive step away from simulation.
  22. In regards to the speed limit debate, it's not true that all or most trucks in the US have limiters. There are idiots in congress pushing to make that happen, but as of now, it's primarily trucks owned by large carriers that are limited. You can, if you so choose, have your own truck limited- it's built right into the ECM- but I don't know any owner operators who would do that (unless they got a big discount on their insurance). In ATS we are, for the most part, simulating an owner operator environment, so the speed limit is a strike against true simulation, but it's high enough that it really doesn't bother me.
  23. One thing at the top of my list is the requirement that drivers of daycab trucks stop at motels or their garage to sleep and drivers of sleeper trucks be able to sleep almost anywhere. You know, like it was in earlier SCS games.....
  24. I always liked International trucks. They're reasonably quiet and comfortable and inexpensive to own. I've had a couple over the years but never drove a Lonestar. I was actually looking for a 9900 when I found my W9.
  25. I think the biggest issue with AI traffic, aside from the chaos, is trying to sync all those cars between players. They have made headway with that- trains are synced now, where a year ago they were not. However, it takes a lot of bandwidth to sync as many objects as AI traffic would introduce. For that reason alone, I don't think we'll see AI traffic on TMP.
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