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  1. Hello! I remember this winter when you could download the Frosty Winter mod and to put it into Documents/TruckersMP/mods folder. I will be happy if you make the same for the voice navigation mods, because most of the languages havent been included in 1.35 version and most of us want to voice navigation in our languages in the MP. Some of the people may prefer using the Google Voice Navigation mods. instead of the default ones. I suggest you to allow voice navigation modifications for MP.
  2. https://imgur.com/a/HWWdnE2 some people wanted to see my console while I am in MP soo here you are
  3. Its not working What should I try next?
  4. The problems isnt fixed yet and I am using PC not laptop. And should I try that option since I am on PC not on laptop ?
  5. Hello everyone! i tried your suggestions and I no one of them didnt actually work So I think that the problems comes from the server(maybe), loading the missing dlcs with base ones or HDD. I will think about buying new SSD which may help me to fix the problem. But I think we should keep this topic a bit more so if someone wants to add something. I deleted all malwares. I droped down the graphic settings but still no fix. I will try to dropw down the draw distance too and to see if this will be long waited fix.
  6. Hey mate! The lags ussually happen when the player is about 100-200 meters far away than me. And yes it happens for 1 second and then it returns to normal
  7. Hello, everyone! Well... from about 3 weeks I have problems with playing in the mp mod. My game lags when someone appears next to me and I am wondering what to do. I tried to reduce the graphic to the lowest and despite that I gain soo much fps I still spot lagging...I usually play on Ultra and gain about 60-80 fps on first camera. But when it lags it drops down from 60 to 25 and a second later it goes back to 60....I have very good internet speed which hasnt changed and worked perfectly from a long time and this problem didnt appear because of my internet speed or from my PC. I think its something different or maybe I am wrong. well soo to dont recieve questions about my PC and Internet speed I will give you some info about them. PC: Intel Pentium G3260 1150 3.3GHz Nvidia GTX 1050Ti 8GB RAM 2TB HDD 500 PS Internet speed from the last test which I made moments ago: 16 ping 78.47 download speed 39.15 upload speed. I havent changed nothing... This problem just occocured when I started the 3 weeks ago with no reason and I dont know what to do. Each help is appreciated. Thank you!
  8. Hey, mate havent seen you from a long time... How are you :D

    1. Shovali


      can be better (:

  9. keep play and do nice convoys i was love to play with you 

    good bye man :( 

    1. [BG] Rado

      [BG] Rado

      I dont want you to be banned forever! :( When the childs in ETS cant drive other normal people are the victims. :(

    2. Shovali


      I know, now every word you said is correct but unfortunately it does not work that way, if I report and have proven example that I bumped into somebody gets banned no matter what was the reason I crashed into :(

  10. come to the convoy tomarrow :) 

  11. Are there people who will watch Champions League!! <3

  12. Do you hear about the new game?


    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. The Imaginative Lad

      The Imaginative Lad

      @The_Owl Well it always has the possibility to be worse. By the looks of the reviews it might just be worse than ets2.

    3. Leo35


      wow reviews are bad!! hope it picks up :( watched immortal's video and look magnificent 

    4. [BG] Rado

      [BG] Rado

      @Truckerleo29  Yes. I think they need to improve the graphic to looks more realistics but the game is new and it can improve in the future.

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