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  1. Hey, just asking...is it possible to re-edit my ID during the 2 hour break!!
  2. @Anriandor Oh so it's strictly limited to the group in session? Thanks for the info update.
  3. @Anriandor I received the email but it says the same, "not whitelisted"
  4. Okay, just seen it...so I tried to test login in to avoid later problems prior to the race at 15:00 UTC but it's saying am not whitelisted, yet my name is on group 4.
  5. Hey @El1teZombiezHD can't see the event server on the server list.
  6. Super excited for this, @El1teZombiezHD i just have 1 question though, Is everyone following the same route from departure: Gas Station West of Edinburgh to destination : Cardiff Service Station. or you can map out your own navigation route as long as the departure and the destination are the same?
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