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  1. Gentoo isn't an antivirus, it's a GNU/Linux operating system. Malwarebytes shouldn't be used as your only option. It's not good enough and isn't intended for standalone use. Use something like Avast and Malwarebytes in tandem.
  2. Honestly if you don't have the common sense to deal with this scenario then how are you even on the computer right now? If you want true protection, install Gentoo.
  3. What is the point of having a launcher if I have to download updates for that exactly like I did with the base game?
  4. I'll make a mockup of what I expect it to look like, hold on. Edit: Here's what I whipped up in Excel. It's obviously not that good, but I want to highlight these important features: Game launching buttons are larger and in the bottom left; they are the main focus and need to be treated as such There's a settings option - let people choose launch commands in there, etc There's a slideshow Expansion is available, perhaps have integration with the forums - show notifications, we could also have a live service status functionality (which needs to load after the launcher itself - we don't want it to slow the launching of the launcher itself)
  5. Suggestion Name: Launcher border Suggestion Description: Add a window border to the launcher Any example images: Why should it be added?: Because I need to be able to move it on my dual monitor setup, and [win]+[left arrow] isn't cutting it. There's also the fact it launched on my secondary monitor, not my primary one. Programs without a border look pretty bad and very unprofessional. There's also a problem that the launcher is poorly designed and that there's no need for the ETS2 and ATS buttons to be that far apart, and so small. They're the entire point of the launcher - make them big and the main focus. This launcher is almost entirely pointless because it is so poorly made; it slows the process of launching the game, contrary to it's purpose. And now we also can't pass commands to the game (e.g. skipping the intro vids).
  6. This was previously suggested and rejected. Use the search function.
  7. That's an error caused by them, I had the same issue and did a bit of digging. The unresponsive part is probably you. If you have a spare laptop, I'd recommend running ets2map off of it.
  8. It'd be useless to work on a map until the rescale is complete.
  9. I cannot see any vehicles and I cannot change the color of city names etc, which is a dealbreaker because I prefer the background as black. I am getting this from the console: map.js:1571 GET https://tracker.ets2map.com/v2/2/-21096/-8993/3298 request @ map.js:1571getTruckData @ map.js:1416run @ map.js:1059(anonymous function) @ VM893:1 (index):1 XMLHttpRequest cannot load https://tracker.ets2map.com/v2/2/-21096/-8993/3298. No 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin' header is present on the requested resource. Origin 'http://ets2map.com' is therefore not allowed access. The response had HTTP status code 502. Whether it's important is bewildering me. Following the link gives me a CloudFlare 504, so I guess it's entirely your end and will probably be resolved soon. GG, It was fun.
  10. British road rage can be so fun: 



  11. http://ets2.lt/en/frosty-winter-weather-mod-v-6-0/


    This is an excellent winter mod, perhaps we'll use it this year?

  12. This is the format. It has the name, description and a reason.
  13. The problem is only seen in TruckersMP, therefore it's up to TruckersMP.
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