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  1. Excellent. Now I just need the 64bit update!
  2. I need 64bit in my life. 25FPS improvement incoming!
  3. One question. Will the ATS-MP have the same webpage as this or a new one? If you keep them on the same webpage, you should call it WTS (World Truck Simulator. Really Sh** name but cant think of anything else)
  4. SOLVED!!!! I just had to change the ETS2MP destination. Don't install to /C: Install to program files x64
  5. So I'm back to play ETS2MP. Found out there's a new update. I downloaded it, installed it couple times to double check the paths n such and the game wont start. Here's a picture http://gyazo.com/4fc027076537c4cb114ececa7cc98342
  6. Well the same is happening to me. But i dont het kicked. My usual ping should be 60-70ms but it kicks to 300+ms sometimes and thats really annoying. It happnes most in ETS2MP but it happens in other games aswell but not drastically. Maybe >150ms.
  7. If i hire drivers for my company in SP, Do i get money off them from MP? Can't remember it. Thanks in advance
  8. I have the same issue. Have tried everything that has been mentioned in this post. Trying a PCrestart now
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