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    Check these guys!

    Thank you guys for all suggestions for recording software. Plays TV is hella cool. So many features! But I have moved back to fraps (purchased it when bf3 came out) Just using it as a quick on/off dashcam sort of way. I see something interesting record for 10-15 seconds and stop. I think its more manageable with small files. Thanks again for your guys' input on recording software.
  2. loafy

    Check these guys!

    Hey nice to meet you all! Pleasure driving with ya! Here are some guys im filling reports out for admin I may need some help because the process aint easy. Well having some trouble with shadowplay so I might get fraps again....well these are some "questionable drivers" that I found. Enjoy the steam library. And the shame if you are involved. http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198095933862/screenshots/
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