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  1. [GlobEx] Dingo

    Newbie questions re: lights, jobs, companies, convoys

    At Southern Freight Company, we have a group of drivers who just like to drive together, and chat while in teamspeak. Not very serious driving, but we follow the road rules. If you're looking for an English-speaking group to convoy with, submit an application on our thread here, and someone will respond soon. Also come onto our teamspeak and have a chat! http://forum.ets2mp.com/index.php?/topic/2773-recruiting-southern-freight-company-sfc-australia-new-zealand/
  2. [GlobEx] Dingo

    Your Desktop

    I'll be that guy. Triple screens, with appropriately sized wallpaper cycle to boot. I'm a happy dingo.
  3. [GlobEx] Dingo

    Using OBS to record gameplay

    When you right click the game capture "source" and open its properties, what does it say in the lower half? For me, it says: This is the wireless ethernet transceiver I use to connect to the internet, and from what I can tell it has no effect on my capture ability. But if yours says something similar -perhaps with a different device or driver- try right clicking your OBS desktop icon and select "Run as Administrator". Note: It does not display this message when run as administrator. Other than that, I don't have much to go off of to help you. Best of luck!
  4. [GlobEx] Dingo

    GPS fail

    Is that the promods map? It must be the promods map. It's not the TSM map.
  5. [GlobEx] Dingo

    Ets2map Megathread

    Still having the "can't click bug," but it's still not a real problem. Thank you for your professional dedication to this community! Your commitment and goodwill is palpable I daresay. Let us know if there's any bugs to explore or features to extensively test, I'll volunteer as QA.
  6. [GlobEx] Dingo

    Ets2map Megathread

    I'm experiencing an anomaly where I cannot select my truck -- or any truck for that matter -- to follow around the map, using the latest version of Chrome. Tried in Firefox and it works, but peculiarly not in Chrome. It's a non-issue to me, I can use FF, just thought I'd let you know. (?)
  7. [GlobEx] Dingo

    Game Crash Right After Mission Finish

    This bug has already been reported here.
  8. [GlobEx] Dingo

    Crash after parking cargo and getting money

    You know, I used to say long live XP! but now I say long live 7! I'm not switching to 8 until it's completely necessary. I did switch to single player, borrowed €100,000 and bought a truck, because I want to get on MP as soon as possible. Of course, I will still work with the bugfixers to resolve this peculiar issue.
  9. [GlobEx] Dingo

    Crash after parking cargo and getting money

    I have the same issue, first job of course is a quick job. Crashes only after clicking continue on the load completion screen. Will edit after another test. Crash log Update: Interesting. After restarting the game and logging in, it reloaded an autosave of just as I was leaving the origin company. It did not connect me to the server, as it indicated "OFFLINE" in the top right corner. I delivered the load just as before, parked, and clicked "continue" on the load completion screen. But this time it went as expected, gave me the garage and sent me back to the main menu. The user must apparently be connected to the server for this error to occur, otherwise everything goes as expected. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help with the resolution of this issue. I will monitor this thread until it is resolved. -Dingo