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  1. Since my post on April 3rd, 2019 I've left NF to reopen my own VTC. I left I hope in good standings and would recommand NF to anyone that is looking for an active, fun, and easy going enviroment. The staff will help you as best they can and will try thier best to make all the drivers happy.
  2. [1] Ireland and Iceland: I agree it would be great to see Ireland in the game however Iceland I think may be while longer if ever. [2] Spain, Portugal, & Andorra: I think we'll see Spain, Andorra, & Portugal coming to ETS2 with in the next year or two before Ireland only because there is more drivers/players asking for this more than Ireland. [3] The Balkans: I think they should have brought more than what they have as well in this next DLC but maybe there is a reason for the reason they did what they did. [4] Greece and Southern Europe: If they keep with what I think they will do we'll see them finish the Eastern side of Europe, including the rest of Western Russia, going all the way down to Greece before we see them move back to the western side of Europe to add [1] and [2].
  3. All the trucks are good but I'll take a Scania over the rest.
  4. I only go through the red light if there is no traffic crossing in front of me.
  5. As a Driver, Modification Officer, and a member of the Event Department of National Freightways I feel that the VTC is going in the right direction. Yes we had (and still do have) some issues with people and other VTC's but it coming along great. With the latest update to the hub and load tracker it makes things a little easier for drivers to turn in thier loads. And it seems every week we have a convoy for members to join and hang out while playing ETS2. We just started running public ATS convoys and hope to open public ETS2 convoys in the near future. As a Modification Officer I'm incharge of making skins in my spare time for the VTC as a hole or for a member. I'm also incharge of looking other mods to see if it's something that should be looked at farther to bring to the VTC. As a member of the Event Department, I primarly work on coming up with events for ATS. As a driver for National Freightways I'm in the top 10 of drivers that has delivered loads. I've earned € 3,997,228, I've driven 74,482 km, and I've delivered 102 loads as of today. I do recommend this VTC to anyone that is looking for a fun & easy going VTC.
  6. Better late than never, Congrats on promation.

  7. Hello there,


    Thank you for the follow :) 

  8. 1st truck was a MAN, my 2nd was a Volvo but now I drive the New Age Scania R in MP and RJL's Scania T on SP.
  9. I'm sorry to see that taking you computer back will not work as when you reformated your Harddrive it erasies everything including the System Restore points. The best thing I can tell you to do is to download a game profile from a mods site or ask a friend for thiers. Than every so often back up your profile to a USB stick or external hard drive. I back up mine once a week to USB stick. On a side note, it might be a good idea to have more than one profile for your game(s). Use one for MP or SP with no mods and one for mods. Another thing you could do is creat a new profile and use economy mods to get your profile back to point you want it than remove the mod from the profile.
  10. This maybe good for the devs and all to focus on what they think is more important but it is a bad move over all. This will cause some drivers not to visit the site as thier is no translation avilable in thier language. This will also prevent some drivers from joining cause they don't understand what is said as they can't read or speak English. I hope that you may find someone that willing to translate the site for those that don't understand the english language.
  11. check the update notes there is nothing saying that triples are supported on MP only doubles.
  12. I'll give it a go. Good luck everyone!
  13. If you are using any mods for MP remove them.... MP modders need to update to the latest version of ATS as the trucks have been updated.
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