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  1. An unfinished game? It released at the beginning of this year. The game is developing exactly how ETS 2 was developed. So I'd say that is pretty obvious it still growing considering it hasn't been out 6 months, genius.
  2. Any of the blue lights in the shop are considered police items. The only items you're allowed to use on the cars are the follow: Pilot Skin and Pilot Light Bar (Yellow Lights) You'll be fine using the pilot skin on your car as long as you do not act or even joke about being an admin. Don't try to direct any traffic in convoys.
  3. If civilian NPC are missing from single player you may get a quicker response on SCS Software's forum. You could either find someone else who may have had the same issue. SCS Software employee will more than likely be able to physically help you with this issue SCS Software Technical Support Forum
  4. One scenario I haven't seen asked. Are you plugging your headset in after the game has launched? If so, then have your headset plugged in before startup of the game. I've encountered that issue and my headset works so long as I have it plugged before I launch ATSMP.
  5. JoeBraddock

    Skin pilot

    As far as I know the pilot paintjob 100% okay for players to use so long as you do not try to claim to be an in-game admin. I doubt you will catch any flak for just simply driving around with the paintjob on your car. It could be consider looking around for someone needing a pilot car. Just don't ever even joke about being an admin when you're not.
  6. No, you just need to download the ATSMP mod itself. The cars were placed in the update. Police cars are strictly for admins, so don't add any of the following to your car other wise you'll be disconnected to offline status soon as you leave the shop. Police Paintjob Blue LED's Blue Light Bars The following above are all registered as police equipment. The only thing you can put on a car light wise is the yellow light bar with the word pilot on it. Also the pilot paintjob is okay to use on your car.
  7. Speedy is correct. Details of the following police classifications include: Blue LED's, Blue lights on the roof of any variant. The only light you may use at all is the pilot light which is the yellow one with the word pilot on it. ---- That with us assuming you downloaded the new version either yesterday or today. One thing I happen to notice is I used to launch it and let it redirect me to their website, but this update will not redirect you from launching the game. It'll disconnect you to offline status. So you have to go to the TruckersMP website yourself and hit download. ---- If none of this is solving your issue, then a support ticket would probably be the next step to follow, so it can be assisted by someone quicker who has access to more information than we do. http://truckersmp.com/support/ Visit that website and simply click on Submit A Ticket
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