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    I have a problem with @NeonLeon this admin has given me banned on the reason that I have touched a player but in the video it is clear that the player goes on 2 bands https://youtu.be/aX3YP8onENM and puts it as a reason for banned, banned for history why do you put a link that I touched that player if you give money for history?

    1. Ali.


      If you don't think that your ban was called for please create an appeal here: https://truckersmp.com/appeals


      If you then still are unhappy about the results of it, please conside creating a feedback ticket. More information on these can be found here: 




    2. Wheezy


      //Locked as correct response has been given.

  2. I can help someone tell me why does not the trucker go ??? https://prnt.sc/k0uduq
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