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  1. Oosa

    Arizona Teasing

    Woohoo! Is there any roads that will be going near the Grand Canyon/Hoover Dam? That'd be really cool
  2. ^ I think the rule is that the only mods allowed are modifications of game files that already exist, like a wing for a W900 (Uses wing already in the game) or a W900 extended daycab (https://www.worldoftrucks.com/en/image_detail.php?id=000000000019F168&back=gallery.php%3Fi%3D6%26s%3Dc).
  3. Oosa


    Lol, on the video you clearly swerved into the other lane any almost crashed into someone.
  4. That will be fine for 60 FPS, until you get in a crowded city, then your FPS well get pooped on. If you get out of cab view while in busy cities with lot of other players, it helps a lot.
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