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  1. Ben de arkadaşın dediği gibi mod veya config kaynaklı olduğunu düşünüyorum. Daha önce buna benzer hiçbir şey yaşamadım. Umarım çözülür.
  2. I have found an issue with my previous ISS. Everything was working fine and I could play online games like CS GO without any problem. When I start to play ETS2 MP after few minutes of play I always disconnect from the server like you. And again same as you I didn't receive any Disconnected message. My solution was using a VPN program like Hotspot Shield and this fixed my problem. Later I have changed my ISS and the problem disappeared.
  3. Are you sure it is because of your computer not internet service provider?
  4. Araç içinde fizik kurallarına göre hareket eden nesneler kullanıyorsanız sebebi bu olabilir. Bu konsol üstündeki eşyalardan ve camın üst bölümündeki ismini bilmediğim şeyden bahsediyorum Bunları kaldırıp veya TAB'den ayarlara girip bunlar için fizik kurallarını devredışı bırakıp deneyin bir de.
  5. I think total non-collision area for the cities or service stations of Calais and Duisburg would be pointless approach but I agree that service areas and main junctions on the road should be upgraded.
  6. GJ guys. Is there any way for SCS to announce you & send you a updated copy before sending an update to steam?
  7. I'm connected with cable, thank you for reply. 3 mbps download, 1 mbps upload. Maybe this can be the reason but I have never seen more than 250ms. I am using the Europe server since I was in Europe. I don't think this is the case. Thank you for reply.
  8. Hi, I am facing with disconnection problem with ATS MP. At first everything is normal, other trucks are moving, TAB working perfectly (I can see distances and pings) and my ping is between 100-250ms. But after few seconds or minutes all other trucks stop in their position on the road and also I can't see their ping. But I can still drive. There is no disconnected warning from the game but I think it is a disconnection issue. I have face with the same problem on ETS2 too. It happens always and I can not play multiplayer. Any of you know the solution for this issue? Edit: This is something new happened 4 times in a row today. It was right after I connected to game as you can see. Screenshot link is at below. http://prntscr.com/a6l9qm Thanks, Mete
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