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  1. Seems like cloudflare went godmode today

  2. :thinking:

    1. Strik


      can we get an F in the chat for EU2

    2. TeamUSB - JWS l Leader
    3. Strik


      ok its back up we good

  3. hey what's up? been a while. 241 alerts btw I am not disappointed. obligatory @Moh_ is cute

    1. Moh_


      no u infinite


      *insert triumph emote*



  4. Woah, status update. How long has it been since? 


    Anyways, these screenshots are quite nice, so I figured might as well post them here :D

    (feat. @Moh_)




  5. Hey, If you mean the your in-game avatar, in-game avatars are linked to your steam account. So to change it, you will have to change your steam avatar. Other players will see your new in-game avatar the next time you join or restart your game.
  6. ^ The 1.32 compatibility update (which will require a server restart) could happen in a few hours, a few days, or a few weeks. No ETA has been given for the server update, you will just have to be patient.
  7. This year has gone by fast :wow:

    1. Krewlex
    2. Caio'


      I thought it was just me who was thinking this :troll:

    3. ThiagoBR_


      Yes! May Come December the best month of the year heheh

  8. Thanks for the follow :)

    1. XinBao^


      no problem,bro

  9. Hello, Currently there is no release date for the new Skoda. Any updates will be posted in this thread: https://forum.truckersmp.com/index.php?/topic/65078-scout-car-rework-bug-fixes/ Does this answer your question?
  10. Happy birthday, hope you had a great day mate

  11. 1.32 is in open beta now, that's awesome :lol:. Can't wait for it to be released so we can play it with multiplayer

  12. Congratulations, you deserve it:lol:

    1. Brady.



    2. Sticky


      Thank you both! :D

  13. Getting closer to GM, congrats :lol:

    1. RequieB


      Thank you <3 

  14. Hi, To fix this problem you should not use automatic transmission. The developers are well aware of this and are working on a fix. Hope I helped.
  15. Congrats, you deserve it :lol:

  16. Hi, Have you tried to restart your game? Once you restart the game, you will be able to log into TMP. If this doesn't work, right click the TMP launcher and press "Run as administrator" Hope I helped.
  17. Congrats on GM :D

  18. Congrats on GM, you deserve it :lol:

  19. Happy birthday, have a great day :lol:

    1. DJ Jefferz

      DJ Jefferz

      Thanks very much!

  20. Hi From what it looks like, you are lagging. Please follow this guide:
  21. Sad to see you go :wacko:. Good luck on your future endeavours

  22. Hi, This is a known issue and the developers are working on it right now. It has to do with an automatic gearbox bug. In the meantime I suggest you use sequential or H-Shifter Hope I helped.
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