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  1. :thinking:

    1. Strik


      can we get an F in the chat for EU2

    2. TeamUSB - JWS l Vice-Leader
    3. Strik


      ok its back up we good

  2. Strik

    Do you remeber Merceli88?

    Yeeeeessss I used to remember binge-watching his idiots compilation. Also this is the best crash by far from his channel imo, don't @ me.
  3. hey what's up? been a while. 241 alerts btw I am not disappointed. obligatory @Moh_ is cute

    1. Moh_


      no u infinite


      *insert triumph emote*



  4. Strik

    Answer the question above you

    9001 because it's over 9000. If you were to make up an official rule for TMP, what would it be?
  5. Good luck in the future

    1. [ETS2MCG] Kien Giang

      [ETS2MCG] Kien Giang

      So sad when you leave :(

  6. Woah, status update. How long has it been since? 


    Anyways, these screenshots are quite nice, so I figured might as well post them here :D

    (feat. @Moh_)




  7. Strik

    The Last Post Wins!

  8. Congrats, enjoy your new position! 

  9. Congrats New Rank In TruckersMP :tmp:

  10. Congrats, enjoy your new position! :D

  11. ^ 6x2/4 is the taglift. When the liftable axle is lowered, it's a 6x4, but when it's not it's a 6x2, as the power from the liftable axle is not being put down to the ground. To put it short, chassis configurations are based on amount of wheels (2 wheels for each axle) x amount of those wheels which are being powered. For example, 4x2 has 4 wheels, but only 2 of them are putting power to the ground via the drivetrain. There are so many chassis configurations ranging between 10x4 and 4x2.
  12. Moh_

    Ew, "Silver Strikyn is now following you" :kappa:

  13. Hey, If you mean the your in-game avatar, in-game avatars are linked to your steam account. So to change it, you will have to change your steam avatar. Other players will see your new in-game avatar the next time you join or restart your game.
  14. Thank You So Much For Follow Admeeennn :D :wub:.