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  1. Well guess back to being bored on ATS MP now that I got the map (with all map dlc's) back to 100%

  2. About time that one got kicked off the team. They NEVER KNEW the RULES about trailers on ATS.

  3. WHY THE HELL IS THE ATS US SERVER GONE AGAIN ! ! ! ! :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: 

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    2. Xiolin


      US Servers were having issues. They are looking into and working on resolving the issues, and will be back up as soon as possible.

    3. Cooper Wolf

      Cooper Wolf

      • So in 2 months just like how long it took back in June.
      • It sure would NOT take that long if the ETS2 EU2 server took a big $#!+.
      • :angry:
    4. SgtBreadStick


      Two different things situations mate... If eu2 would be having problems they'd get it fixed, most likely from the ISP, the servers are from different ISPs if i recall.

  4. Well really no point in owning trailers when there are no WoT jobs for them.

    1. Simulator Experiencer

      Simulator Experiencer

      i heard to get a job for your trailer you go to the company and u can pick up lets say milk and it will go into your trailer that you own 

    2. Cooper Wolf

      Cooper Wolf

      Just tried to pickup a WoT's job while having my owned trailer and I can say that you can NOT do WoT jobs with your own trailer.

  5. This is as close as you can get to the Snowman's Kenny from Smokey and the Bandit on MP. R.I.P Burt Reynolds aka The Bandit.

  6. Two trolls more and likely with new profiles are in Phoenix trolling and wrecking trucks using the NCZ hack. MPID's are 2332253 and 2335403. Everyone keeps reporting them with the ingame system and I bet also video reporting on the site. I can't video so I can't report their b.s. on the site.

    1. Cooper Wolf

      Cooper Wolf

      Well one of them got a perma but like he said while still on the game, he'll be back with another Steam acc. and TMP acc. because it's not his first time. Sad that goofs just have to do that kind of crap. :angry:

  7. MPID #'s are 1489568 and 2262248.

  8. Btw, no action taken on both in game reports. :angry::angry:

  9. Just got rammed by 2 idiots south bound on the 7 just outside of Kiel on EU2 while under a great paying WoT job. Now it's @#$%ED ! :angry:

    1. Cooper Wolf

      Cooper Wolf

      1. Quick save does not do anything when on a WoT's job. Using Q.S. just puts you rite back in the spot where the idiots wrecked you.

      2. They should just bump the speed limit up to 100km/h for WoT jobs and put in place a map wide speed limit of 120km/h (excepted for the in town limit) for all ETS2 servers except EU 4.

  10. Not all can video so that also means the report system for some is a joke.

  11. We have a IDIOT who has dropped a trailer in the middle of the road at the Big Sur site and in game reports have been made.

    1. Cooper Wolf

      Cooper Wolf

      In game reporting seems to NEVER WORK because they don't look at them. And two, report by website well they want "video" and well some of us CAN'T play and video at the same time or we will be lagging like a mofo and/or get kicked when we start video taping. :angry:

  12. Hey Mike we have a idiot saying he is a Game Mod at the south Big Sur Site.

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    2. Mike Dragon

      Mike Dragon

      It's alright, mistakes happen. No harm done. dragoncomfort.gif?1

  13. Man oh man, what favoritism keeps going on around here. <_<:angry: