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    Bro, i think i found a solution for your issue. At least worked for me here! https://www.wikihow.com/Change-a-File-Extension Check that page, see the 2nd method, so with your "paint" files, change the file type for ".scs" then save inside the mod folder. Hope it help you!
  2. Suggestion Description: What do you think of this idea to make life difficult for the player to commit many traffic violations. Like, if I'm with my truck and perhaps receive a high amount of fines with him, automatically after the last delivery, my truck will be detained by police before the game with a message on the screen stating that my truck has received many fines and will be towed to a yard, and can be removed only upon payment of value rate depending on the total amount of the fines due. And if the player does not have another truck, he is obliged to do quick jobs only to be able to rescue your truck! That option could be disabled on the options as the transit laws are. Why should it be added?: To control players who insist on driving recklessly by servers, wreaking havoc, discussions and reports upon complaints.
  3. It's Happening with my ETS2 MP latest version...
  4. Mod Version: Alpha Controllers Used: Keyboard Description of Issue: When I start a delivery, the panel already indicates that the client waits for delivery as fast as possible, along with the music indicating that the delivery will delay, not giving me time to deliver cargo on time.. How to reproduce: Steer around the roads. Screenshots / Videos: http://postimg.org/image/yh3drhkpz/
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