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  1. I think this is pointless. The reason why people drive on the C-D is MOST people want to try to be in accident zones/popular zones and see bad stuff happen and you tubers with their failure videos use C-D a lot. If this was added less accidents will happen and then the Youtubers will move their montages elsewhere and everyone is going to train right behind them. If I remember correctly this similarly happened when Rotterdam port became less popular and you tubers moved elsewhere and everybody followed them to C-D. -1
  2. If special Transport is the ones with the AI cars helping you out then the DLC won't work in this MP mod. The DLC will only work on SP.
  3. Most likely because the game is cheap, supports a modding community, has really big map compared to most games and this MP is quite big which hosted the infamous 200km/h car. Thanks for all your opinions so far guys!
  4. Hi Drivers! Since the update released on the first of April which got the 150 km/h speed limit added it would appear the EU2 server has issues reaching full capacity. For example last night (In Aussie time) there wasn't alot of people on when before on other Friday's night the servers well typically full at a similar time. It looks like a decent chunk of people got upset with the limit. So I was wondering how would you guys fix this issue and get more players playing again? Perhaps a event? I want to see your opinions. So comment below. No I am not trying to discuss the speed limit as that is clearly not going to change anytime soon. Drive safe!
  5. I have be playing this game for awhile now and I think it time that I report what I think about this mod. Good side is the it works well and I hardly see trollers anymore (maybe admins are doing the job) and There alot more players then there was before. Bad side is no one plays on the other servers as I am asian and I want to play on the asian server so I will not get 400 ping when playing and I think there should be like a 3-5 seconds when you get lag spike to get back to your normal ping.
  6. 1. It set to 110kmph. 2. Check in gameplay settings for truck speed limiter and turn that off. 3. Make sure your truck is powerful to each that speed.
  7. I am looking for a companies that don,t want your phone/email you know And don't make you to work too hard I am in the Asian time zone. I hope to find one!
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