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  1. Happy Birthday to you

  2. whats going on today ? is the update server down ?
  3. best about TMP is that you can drive some convoys with your twitch viewers and show them how to drive with out hit any one or break the rules.
  4. thanks nice to have some traffic AI its to emty on the server plus hope that the put in so you can have you own private server where you can put in some mods like jazzycats cargo mod and some of your own trucks.
  5. like the other ppl say truckersmp discord looks more professional nice work there team
  6. did like the survey nice work
  7. Baltic DLC its what i gonna buy ATS i dont play that much
  8. good update i hate ghost drivers and then you have the UFO drivers with all the headlights on sad that the latest DLC dont work but i understand why
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