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  1. Hello all, unfortunately i have been banned according to this If i have 7 bans like this Banned 15 Jun 2017 2 day Banned0 1 Sep 2017 1m Banned0 6 Oct 2017 3m Banned 28 Apr 3m Banned 07 Aug 1m Banned 12 Oct 3m why the last ban in 3 months if i have only two active bans? it hasnt to be a ban with moderator judgement lenght? Thanks to who answer my question Have a good game
  2. Such a great and correct person, thank you for the krone dlc pack, much appreciation.



    1. -XCE-


      Enjoy the new DLC.

  3. @Soul Knight thank you dude! Now i can use cb with the steering again My problem is resolved Topic can be closed Thank you to all
  4. Until two months ago it was working for me! I really dont know whats happening
  5. No, X dont get written and neither works in LGS testing feature, it doesnt work even after i closed the game, i tried to assign other buttons but they also dont work Thanks for the support to all
  6. Hi, i have my new g29 steering wheel, then i assigned in the LGS the X keyboard button on the share stering's button, if i open a noteblock it writes x as i am pressing, but in truckers mp i press the button but nothng happens, if i press the X keyboards button the microphone works. Is there any solution? What i tried to do: Reinstall TRUCKERSMP Install lastest LGS driver and then old versions to see if it works Thank you for your support
  7. What about Ets2Sync.com after heavy cargo dlc?

  8. Guys can you sync your job with your friends after this new heavy cargo dlc using ets2sync? 

    1. Anriandor


      Hello @TonixPowaZh, the following quotation comes from @Penguin



      You should try: http://www.ets2sync.com/en/


      Doesn't work with Viva La France unfortunately. 



      Maybe it will help you :)


      Kind regards,


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