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  1. Doenst work.. I tried it all - nothing works. This is so annoying!!
  2. Game wont Open when I start it a second Time So, when I have played some Multiplayer (ETS2 or ATS) and then I close the Game, then for example i want to open it again after a few Minutes, the Game won´t start. It just Crashes. The only fix I have found by now is to restart my whole Computer! This is extremely annoying because if im for example in a convoy and somehow I need to exit my Game - I will have to restart my PC (wich takes about 5-6 minutes). Has anybody got a fix for this?
  3. ----------------------------------------------- thanks
  4. Hello When i open the ATSMP it workes perfectly but now if i close it and then want to open it i just see white and it kinda "crashes". How can i fix this?
  5. ^ Truck dealers, i was't even on the road! It something like "invalid accesory set. You're not a police officer!" yeah, something along those lines.
  6. ^ I was on Eu2..
  7. Hello, I just bought the new car with not the police or pilot skins; I bought it then i wanted to drive it and i automatically got kicked! How can i fix this?
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