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  1. Alex_0828

    What date did you join TMP (or ETS2MP)

    I have joined TMP February 10 2016 so a year and a half already Alex_0828 Rank: PlayerMember since: 10 Feb 2016 17:34Account Status: ActivatedLinked games: American Truck Simulator
  2. Alex_0828

    Cars for ATSMP?

    i would like for more cars to be added as well
  3. Alex_0828

    drivers outside of boundries in elko

    Its not allowed but many players still find a way to do it which is sad and should be worked on more often
  4. Alex_0828

    Developer Resources

    Finally Found Something In My Interest This was Very Helpful
  5. Alex_0828

    I have a Problem.

    I honestly haven't had this problem have you contacted support?
  6. Future TruckersMP Update?

    1. TrademarkGamer


      It will be here a few days after the next update for the game comes out

    2. Syntog


      knowing SCS, Their update wont be for another couple weeks :/

  7. Alex_0828

    What in-game trucks do you drive ?

    I Drive A Kenworth W900 With The Extended Axle Mod Its A Beast To Drive With
  8. Whats Everyone Thought On The Advanced Coupling For ATS?