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  1. To whichever moderator reads this, hello. It's almost 1:00 AM PST here, and I wasn't sure if I could post about this in the ban appeals section. My intent is to avoid having to appeal a ban that I think may be coming down the pipe. Details of my ordeal are below. I was up tonight making a late run from San Diego up to Northern California. The whole time I was corralled multiple times within the city limits of Carlsbad before proceeding onward to San Diego --where they continued to harass me-- by two individuals, one an Aussie and the other a Kiwi, their names were something along the lines of salty_platypus and xXTHEBOMBSQUADXx or something. I'm too tired to remember the names and I've given up trucking for tonight. They then proceeded to pursue me countless miles on the way to my destination, all the while jumping off of entry/exit ramps in multiple attempts to ram my truck broadside. They also came from the passing lanes and rammed me, once almost overturning my truck; I managed to counter-steer and recover. I tried to highball well over the speed limit to get out of reach of their coordinated effort, but was slowed down by a long steep gradient. I kept having to look over my shoulder in third person view, watching for the other two trucks to come charging up the hill. I wound up being so paranoid I inadvertently got in a cut-off wreck with a guy trying to pull a flatbed up the same hill loaded with a farm plow. He thought I was the only "a**hole" for miles and didn't seem convinced when I explained the situation. The other two tractors sat nearby after having pulled up from behind, silent, watching me fall into the metaphorical pit. The whole while another player, Ethan872, followed alongside and even ran block a few times. I radioed the occasional warning to the other drivers along the way until the two idiots eventually broke off chase. I'm not sure if they would've reported me during the chase or if the guy I cut off would've reported me, but I'm hoping to avoid a ban in the first place for both myself and Ethan872. If you receive any information about this situation through the reporting system, please consider overturning my ban if you've already processed my case. These two had nothing better to do and were bragging about having $30 million to play around with in regards to vehicle repairs. Please ban them instead. Ahead of time, many thanks.
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