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  1. A lot of people in the area has nothing to do with it. It's what I thought too (it happened to me first in Rotterdam), but when I drove towards Groningen and tried to rest on the Afsluitdijk I got the same problem eventhough there was no-one near me... And now thanks to the MP-car update my SP-game crashes whenever I start it up, so great. There goes my lvl95 profile I've been playing on since early 2013... New profile it is I guess...
  2. I like this new update. Just played a bit. Came across a griefer who flipped me, but you'll have morons like that whatever you set any limit whatsoever to. 110 seems reasonable. I'd have preferred it to be 120 or none, but this seems a fair compromise. I like the 60-limit-in-cities-touch. Are those new city limits based on the no collision zone back in the days when entire cities when ncz? Also, I really like the new 'starting'screen. Looks very professional, is easy to understand and everything you need is quickly reachable. Big thumbs up to the devs
  3. Half of the people I saw today that were going at least 120 were VTC members. VTC members are often players that play a lot and when you play a lot you tend to go faster. Same - in general - also goes for car drivers in real life. And you might be in a VTC and going 'well I don't do that' but remember thaat you are not the average VTC-MP player (I think nobody is exactly the average) Well if it's not that hard for you you wont have a problem with making the SL-server EU2. Deal and done.
  4. Are you actually offended by 'you people'? How do you survive on the internet dude.
  5. Do you by any chance have a link to that mod? The dumb Ai annoys the hell out of me, thought the Ai was certainly improved a lot in 1.9 Point 1: Why exactly did you have no choice? Were you forced to drive over 90? I've never understood that. Maybe you can explain it to me. But why are other people going faster such a big problem for you? Point 2: I doubt it. Though on the forums it might be roughly 50-50 by far not all players are on the forum. I think the (mostly silent) majority simply doesn't give a single f*ck whether there's a limiter or not as long as they can play and see other peeps trucking along. Point 1: I think the biggest problem is desync. People push you aside cause on their screen they're clear. It's why I always wait for a flash from behind or until my distance is 100+ before coming back in. Also, I might have been one of those people that overtook you on a blind corner (I don't know what your name is on Steam and even if I knew I drove so often I doubt I'd remember it). It's cause I use TAB to check for players nearby. More people should do that when overtaking. It's awesome to use, even on (relatively) straight roads. Often when I start overtaking and someone pops on I slow down and get back behind the truck I was overtaking and people from the other side don't even see I was ever on their lane. Simply because the TAB feature just gives you so much more ''vision' ahead. Now I know not every player uses that TAB-feature when overtaking, but please don't assume that every blind overtake you see is actually blind Also, you'll have people driving like retards whether you have a limiter or not. If you go 85 with the limiter on you'll get someone honking behind you cause he wants to go 90... I've had those a couple of times as well (even though I like to floor it every now and then I also take it easy sometimes. Somewhere between 80 and 100 on cruise with some good music (80 when limiter was on, 100 when it was off, though that 100 was a loooooong time ago, like before the limiter was first introduced) Point 2: are you sure those 4 crashes weren't just the server being made ready for the next version?
  6. It'll show that the argument people are gong to make that 'look everyone's still playing on EU1 with the limiter on so it's not a problem' is nonsense because I'll bet you 50 bucks that when the NSL and SL would be reversed most people would still be on EU1. My guess is that a quarter of people don't even know you can actually choose a(nother) server when you start up... What I also guess is that a lot of people couldn't give half a shit whether they're on the NSL or the SL server, they just want to play so they choose EU1, whatever the 'rules' on there might be.
  7. I'm pretty sure he already has some mods for that (SP) because whenever the limiter was first implemented I remember him and I (I think) exchanging mods via PM that increased traffic in the Sp-version
  8. That's exactly what Aurora said so I don't understand why you're calling it 'bullshit'.
  9. Same here. Just got back playing today cause I saw someone post a video with the limiter off. Was like yay finally able to play normally again. And then suddenly a game crash (update) and NOPE. +10 I don't want to go on EU2 either. I play this game for interactions with other players, if I wanted to play on an empty map without a limiter, which EU2 will probably be for the reasons you posted, I'd mod my game to get rid of all the other vehicles... I played today for 5 hours straight and got rammed only once. In the city. With the guy going nowhere near 90, let alone above it (because those yield signs are so difficult to understand). I've never been rammed less in my 'ETS2MP-life', I had some of the best interactions ever playing today. Like PK_100 (I might have gotten the name slightly wrong) who was going 60 (which I have no problem at all with) and nicely moved over for me to overtake. Indicating right and flashing me back in. Of course I thanked him with a 'blinkerconcert'. Or being able to cruise at 120 with 4 people in front of me on the road from Duisburg towards Brussels without any problems whatsoever. THAT'S the reason why I'm on here. Nice interactions with me being able to go 150 on an empty highway instead of falling asleep at 90. (and yes I do slow down when other people are around, for example I drove Amsterdam - Rotterdam like 4 times today an that is one of those highways you don't want to drive over 110 cause it's that busy. So cruise on 100 and then when it became quiet after Amsterdam (nobody takes the A7 to Groningen, it's scary how empty that road is ) cruise to 140.
  10. Dey see us rollin', they hatin'! Congrats devs and players!
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