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  1. Slumpdog

    Server Economy

    I like your points, but all we need to know is how much money they got ever so couple minutes. Just like how in Arma 3 atlis life they have the money system. Just do a system for the money. Where it saves the amount they have at the moment it saves. Also, why not have a separate multiplayer profile. Like say whenever a new person joins the multiplayer for the first time they are assigned a profile. Then they earn there money legit, and then that would make it hard for trolls to troll.
  2. Slumpdog

    Server Economy

    Well is there anyway to get it advanced to the alpha? Could we raise money to help the devs, because I have about 20 friends who would put money down. Were getting annoyed of the trolls/rammers. What if we funded a second usa/ats server for testing of a server economy because I do have database know about, i could help with it. I ran a arma 3 atlis life server before, and im pretty sure the same script could probably be used for ATS/ETS if you want.
  3. Slumpdog

    Server Economy

    Suggestion Name: Server Economy System Suggestion Description: A economy that is controlled by the server, and not on a local file. Any example images: Why should it be added?: I think that a server economy should be put in place. One it would make people drive smarter, and not like idiots, because if they cant mod there money then they would not be so crazy of drivers. Two, then it would get rid of the cheat engine money mod for multiplayer. All you would have to do is make a database kind of like the databases in Arma 3 atlis life servers. If they join a server there automatically added to the database on the server, and that file automatically updates every set time, so if you set it to save every 5 minutes, then that's when it would grab the updated money for players. So, it will copy whatever the user has in his bank every 5 minutes. So, if he has $200,000 when it saves, then he has $200,000 in the server database, now say another 5 minute goes by and he has $100,000 now, well he only has $100,000 left to spend. I would really love this to be a feature, and im pretty sure most people would love this feature, as it would make trolls have to be normal. Also, you can set it so when they join the server economy for the first time, they get starting cash about $120,000 for a truck. I would donate $10 to the mods, if this happens, and I believe others would too, because I know they probably hate it too, and that this server economy would solve the problem. You can even make a test server to test the server economy out, i would help donate to have a test server for ATS, to try out a server economy so then it can be perfected, then deployed to both games. I have racked up $100,000 in fines due to trolls ramming me, and im tired of it.
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