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  1. Awesome i got it now, thanks! You can close the thread.
  2. Hey guys, can you help me? This happens me since i used a mod for Scania RJL. I go for a new profile, search Scania Streamline, all works fine, then in game it doesn't show me the correct steering wheel of this truck, it shows me the steering wheel of Scania R. And the next is if i change the steering wheel in workshop ETS 2 crashes. I removed all Mods from Mod Folder and from Steam Workshop, but it's like the mod changed or damaged something from the game. So i go for uninstall and reinstall the whole game, same problem as before. I post my Game.Log and Game.Crash here. Plzz help me!! game.crash.txt game.log.txt
  3. So why does ETS2 have a Realtime Map??? We all know the traffic is at Rotterdam Europoort. Please saving you this trash comments!
  4. How about an ATS MP Realtime Map? Would be helpful to see where are traffic knot.
  5. Hey guys, if i update Ets2 to the latest version, i can't join the MP because it says i need to downgrading to the version so i have to delete the new update and downgrade to this version to join the MP. After successful login in the MP i have the problem that it says: Incompatible profile, try to get the latest version of this game.. i always can't load an older profile stat..i need help.. Your Luke
  6. So, your last ride was on 9th March looks like? Because there is an autosave after the last but latest successful delivered charge on this profile for sure
  7. Hi, yes that is really really weird^^......i uninstalled ETS2 and ATS and MP of both completly, but ATS MP still doesn't work, only ETS2 MP D-:
  8. Yes i use W10, is that the problem or what?? I mean ETS2 MP works fine, i still think there is a problem with the ATS server which needs to be fixed quickly!!
  9. My Download and Upload Speed looks like fine, i think the servers are based on the same place like the servers of ETS2, but that doesn't explain why ATS MP doesn't work but ETS2 MP does..^^
  10. I have similar problem, here is a link of my video:
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