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  1. Happy Birthday! 😍 Merry Christmas!

    1. William Jones (IEC)

      William Jones (IEC)

      Thank you :)
      Merry Christmas! 😍

  2. Happy birthday and Merry Christmas. ^_^

    1. William Jones (IEC)

      William Jones (IEC)

      Thank you very much! :) Merry Christmas! Have a lovely day! :) 

  3. For me, when I connect to Europe 1 & 2 it just saying "Connecting to server" but the message disappears and don't get connected not sure whether it's a delay.
  4. This probably has been answered or a bit stupid to ask but when I join, the radio is on and I usually have my headset on. I usually will be either in Teamspeak or Skype (on call) or talking to friends. Once joined can anyone hear you talk or do you have to press "V" like push to talk? Silly question, but just curious. It's because I heard my name called out on the server while having the radio on without pressing "V" but I mostly just turn off the radio as soon as I joined Thanks
  5. My favourite truck so far :P but you have to be level 20 to get it ;) 


  6. Hopefully finding new jobs will be fixed because it's really annoying...

  7. Did you get this "Fatal Error" message when you are driving? It happened to me yesterday, more than 6 times but not sure what's causing it. I think it works fine on Single Player.
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