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  1. I voted for Calais, because I remember the time, where it still was a peaceful city
  2. Download the updated client. Sometimes the servers need some time to get updated. Also technical problems aren't impossible. It works for me since 5 minutes, maybe your problem is solved too. Regards, Oktas
  3. I think that Kat confirmed it in another thread... It will be released, but no date yet...
  4. I hope, that i didn't understand you wrong. I think that things like crashes, bugs and incompatible versions are more important than DLCs. That will be the reason, why the multiplayer client is updating quite often since the last week. Greets
  5. They can't? So they're humans too? Well, thats kinda straaaangeee...
  6. @sgpch1983 So you want a statement from the Dev-Team?
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